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Body resonance. The guitar itself resonates, and so The construction of the guitar makes a big difference just like an acoustic piano and acoustic piano. Mechanical amplifier just as guitar is normally everything that's in that instrument is designed to amplify sound acoustically, but now we're sort of putting the idea on its head. We're adding some electrtonics to help. Amplify do some things, not acoustic leap, and this whole Trans Acoustic idea that not only your incorporating into guitar and the piano. Is this being utilized in other instruments as well primarily the piano and then the guitar blue. Those are the only two so far, but boy I have a feeling once. Yamaha comes up with an idea like that who knows where it's GonNa. Show up on other acoustic instruments. Good point because that's the key and. And when people say, this is making my musical experience so much more enhanced than they're going to be asking for it on other devices, and since Yamaha does so many other kinds of things. I think that that's truly amazing. I mean when you stop to think about it and I'm looking at the of course USA, DOT YAMAHA DOT COM, a piano, keyboard, instruments, guitars, bases, amps, drums, brass, and woodwinds strings. Oh my gosh, you do so many cool things. Percussion, obviously marching instruments I mean you see marching fans will not lately, but all the time over the years that are always using Yamaha stuff and of course synthesizers. They were a leader. In music, production tools I did use to own recording studios as well for for music and I think we had more Yamaha stuff than anything else because that's what people wanted. I mean it just goes on and on, and of course professional audio. You know one expects that anyway. It's just really Kinda. Give you the warm fuzzies I'm sure that Yamaha so involved in so many different aspects in the industry. In fact of the corporate logo is three tuning forks and so going back to that re pipe organ made in eighteen, eighty seven. Solve amazing well I. Tell you what if you don't mind? There's so much more WANNA talk about I. Want to get into this drum module how it makes a drumming experience so much better, and of course others that we've got other goodies from Yamaha for the big summer giveaway. Stay tuned. We'll take a quick break. Come right back and continue our discussion with Gregg Knutson marketing consultant with Yamaha Visit USA DOT Yamaha Dot. COM while you're editor of course. Hit US up at into tomorrow. Dot Com back in. How To be a great dad? Fifteen seconds bike right. Go Fish Walk in the park phone. Call milkshake play catch picnic flag. Tell jokes laugh. Doc read a story. Tell a story bumper cars swing set bowling pillow. Fight cut loose. Stay tight. Because the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. Take Time to be a dad today. Call Eight, seven,.

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