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The wonderful sounds sounds well in the background we gonna get over this. so many things over here. trying to get everybody but we are back point brewery in Patchogue eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six hour if you want to join the show this morning we'll take a couple calls we do have our picks coming up on a little bit later and we also have John Flaherty coming out now that we restart the flyer. did you remember that because I forgot I did just guys send clarity school number right John I can't believe it's John Flaherty report time right it is I mean I was so geared up for the show this morning and everything that we need to elect for god about everything else like that's right the Yankees are playing tonight like all of this is happening now is Susie shows all right with the focus is with the Yankees have Friday and Saturday and then of course the NFL on Sunday and then you got hockey star robin basketball star not me this is this is the best on October and November or the best time in sports for for me our specialty at playoff baseball my in October so I'm curious here Jonathan say about this demand like I your hotel the way it is I mean he's not going to say points above flowery things the Yankees way doesn't believe that they're going to roll in this series and that's why and that's why a few years back I said Alice said we got to you John Florida because he's about as honest as the cats yeah and he knows he knows what the issues are with the Yankees he knows what the issues are playing against a team like the twins will be from a catcher standpoint which is important especially for packs in the beginning of this game tonight yeah James backs in its two parent voted Brian cancer decided to go with I don't love it I I the thing I didn't want to see was Severino in game one I want to see some form of Tanaka Paxton one and two and then Severino game three which is what we're getting I would have much preferred to knock a one packs into Severino three so this is my second choice of the reported cases that you could add but I don't know man I'm a little bit worried about James facts and not worry about the offense at all and not worry about the bull pen at all but I mean you see this game is like a seven five game eight eight six games of the like that you think it's going to be a little bit tighter than that Yankees way nine four two six just like that. the baseball manager yes you are everything here the last couple of days of it three in a row actually guy and there was was yelling at me about their raise money. tonight he loves to raise money line itself I don't like that as much but I do like the eighties tonight for sure I want to see how big her favorite they are I mentioned it before on FanDuel sports book by their money line in the running a hand the securities that gives you a good idea of what what everybody is thinking on out there in Vegas but I got to get up here again I think they're pretty big favor the Astros alike minus two hundred something on the moneyline so they're a bigger favorite tonight then the rays who are throwing was a glass now tonight in game one yes our plans now is gonna be on amount of for the race is really really good yes reserve minus two thirty in the Yankees are might is one ninety eight those are two big favorites the nightmare it's only in a guided the read the reason I thought I was going to raise money wise a plus one ninety six tonight remainder dance class now with Rios's what is he telling you is he telling you the the bet the rays he wants the race to win tonight of course he does no no I'm saying that the lights the raise the winners of the race to win tonight against Berlin that's what he likes I don't see that at all I don't want that at all. I don't know in Houston yeah and I know it's not fair to say that the rays don't have a shot after I watched. with the nationals last night but I feel like I don't know we're gonna see sort of a repeat of back just another day. like the good teams are just ready down and wait wait you're on the national level. great here we are we wanna elimination game we're rolling this is different we got corporate on a man with a whole bunch of money to just which is rocked by the Dodgers. what's going to be interesting is we saw what apple quarter last night now the Yankees had a choice right I I you say it's not a choice I'd I say what's the choice to acquire Paxton. war war yeah and may end up with taxes sure and this is the money time of the year as we always talk about October and and quarter loss last night yeah did not pitch well. right. so is Brian has been validated again tonight yeah hi it would be nice if they could back it up with but I also I don't know if it really was a decision of the body record if they if they want if Patrick Corbin would have taken over years of less dollars thank the Yankees added to a certain level it's alright that's what we think back to corporate is is worth and we're not gonna pay anymore right now looks like the they did the right thing well they save some money they made a trade they didn't spend you know wildly above the other there's another story here that's percolating and that is the future of TV reporters yeah I don't know yet about that too because you know the one you're moving forward here if they go after Gerrit Cole in order to be able to keep TV and your call right right there well I don't think you're paying two hundred million dollars. you really think that the end is going to do that yeah well you know if you have a three hundred think about they have a real. maybe it'll be a little bit cheaper sure I mean it's a possibility a hundred percent what you're telling me that my teammate paid three hundred billion dollars for Giancarlo Stanton who has to pay marriage judge labor Torrance Gary Sanchez at some point they're gonna pay these guys you know Severino Hicks got those cost brought Brinkley contracts team friendly contract but that seems now gonna get twenty billion dollars the Gerrit Cole coupled with the Astros I think it all depends on what happens. in these plans what if they don't win the World Series ma'am I key I'll give you an example last year the offense got shut down a couple games against the red Sox I left Yankee Stadium tweeted out we'll see you next time at the many Machado press conference because I had that same thought process because the Yankees bats went silent they were gonna go out spent stupid money on many Machado they did so I think of the Yankees end up getting smacked around with their rotation I still don't think that that means they're going to go out spent twenty million dollars Astarte tablet by told you that there was no way the Yankees had any interest amendment in the job they had no interest retained interest I think the help menu Machado why the hell they want help many to China you know help the aged out to stay seated as another player that the that maybe the Yankees won or something and it's a big all that stuff goes on all the time yeah in the in major league sports so I I don't think the Yankees ever had serious interest but what if they do not. win the World Series and it's because of their starting pitching you'll be Mormons pressure on on Brian Cashman to do something now I don't know what the long term future for dipping over monitors right the other question here so if you have several Reno in her mind in next year's rotation with packs them in half right who's your pet store yeah nine owned by being polite I don't want people to talk with right exactly yeah that would that would be a five man rotation right assuming her mom does not get an extended suspension. he's back panel itself comes out it's true I'd be surprised is back that's a that's a long. all those stories about the C. C. charity event. school officials witnessing that that's true with all these actions were true is gonna put a Yankee uniform on again. so my point is is here call becomes a significant figure. moving forward depending on what this rotation does during this playoff run yeah Gerrit Cole was a huge Yankees fan we grew up this pictures of him out there is a key out of right field a playoff team is Yankee Jersey on and I love and everything else all kind of like John Tavares for the twelve maple yeah I don't know if you had the Yankee pajamas there is there is definitely some similarities there all right before we take a break we have a another pair of giants tickets to give away eighty nine AM our movie making at drawing for Yankee tickets for the people that are here are coming up with a ninety an hour we have John Larry the talks again he's with us.

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