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He joined the eighty ninth annual patriots day race for the kids sponsored by the boys and girls clubs of southern maine alumni association the portland grace features a five k and a five at starts at nine am on saturday april fourteenth at the portland company at fifty eight four street the first seven hundred runners to finish receive awards and prizes and a seadogs gay ticket for details to race wire dot com or call race director at four five zero thirty one twenty six hi there and welcome to the jim bohannon show from westwood one radio we're at one eight six six five zero jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six online you'll find us at jimbohannonshow dot com you can follow me on twitter at jimbotalks in new york the state attorney general has opened the investigation into a police shooting in brooklyn new york police department says security video backs up claims that a man killed by officers threatened people with what appeared to be a gun at the time here's steve kastenbaum the police department here released security camera videos showing saheed vessel walking up to people in the crown heights neighborhood of brooklyn and suddenly pointing something that looked like a gun right at their faces what he had in his hand turned out to be a small metal pipe mayor bill de blasio said the officers didn't know who they were dealing with people in the community thought he had a weapon and was aiming at at residents and pointed an object at the approaching officers goodness those were all sorry if people are mentally ill as reports have indicated this person was but nonetheless if you do that some people do that to police officers you can expect this kind of a response and it it is unfortunate but i'm not sure what more we can make of it certainly good evening and thank you for having me as you mentioned the you know we have at the at the.

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