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Do you want i want to throw i'll sitting up here must feel good that's michael jordan with chadwick bozeman in black panther so we're sitting right about at the halfway point of the year a good time to start talking about the top five films of the year start thinking about that list at least which we'll get to enjoy we do want to start that conversation with new poll question that's asking for the best performances of the year so far so we looked back at some of the reviews we've given some of the actors that we've highlighted on the show and that we know other critics are pretty excited about what listeners have called out as well and here's the list we've got for you to choose from emily blunt in a quiet place toni collette in hereditary hugh grant in paddington too i just love that that's in the mix ethan hawke from first reformed brady jandreau first timer in the writer michael jordan who just heard in black panther charlene darren in totally and then we do have an other category because you can right and they're some really strong options in lesser seen films were thinking about claire foy in steven soderbergh's unseen unseen we talked about bryan cranston's great voice work as chief in i'll of dogs walking phoenix and you're never really here gina rodriguez a lot of people had praised for in a supporting role in an isolation in then charlie plummer another young actor in lean on all good options there as with any full question i think that the results will favor the performances that have been seen the big ones that you're aware of and more people have seen michael jordan black panther probably than any of those other options toni collette in hereditary that's the one on here i haven't seen so can't vote for unfortunately in that movie is the newest of all of those options so i'm sure many people do need to catch up with it but we tried to consider some of the best lead and supporting performances of the year the ones as you said josh that have stood out to us and seemed to be in the conversation with other critics and filmgoers josh do you have a set answer to this have you really considered this yet or are you weighing the options the tough place i'm in is wayne supporting performances against lead if it supporting it's michael jordan for me but in the lead category i've got toni collette and ethan hawke duke it out so those three i know for sure it's among those three i just gotta work all that stuff out he michael jordan if we're going supporting if we're going lead colette the one i can't consider as i said but it would be ethan hawke or maybe brady jandreau that performance that alchemy of the writer that's strange confluence of nonfiction and fiction and the way it all comes together and jandreau as a novice actor but someone who is so natural presence onscreen i think that's where i'm leaning brady jandreau in the writer i thought more people do get a chance to see that especially now that and i think it is is if i remember correctly golden brick candidate for us this year for jerks just now coming out on dvd maybe by the time people here this will have been out i saw a tweet earlier this week but for some reason at least according to the tweet i saw it's not being released in blu ray it's a gorgeous yeah it is absolutely i really have no good treatment why wouldn't get the blu ray treatment but hopefully one way or another more people will see that movie and mention it gets film spotting trifecta seal of approval not only did we both highly recommend that film but sam just had a chance our producer to see that movie in theater in wisconsin and loved it he's in yeah all speaking performances did chris pratt's turn and fallen kingdom launch him to the top of our movie chris power rankings the film spotting top five perhaps our most important never is next stay with us.

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