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And everything we free of charge to our clients wow that's beautiful my goodness that's unusual april you know most programs it's so much work that goes into these animals so to speak for it to be all volunteer so really commend you for that wow so how did you i hear the connection that you had an in so you definitely had an opportunity that and also that he could witness what i'm sure your dog was doing for you so how did you make the connection to start working with major road in and major roms burden and start because both of them are they both handlers of oh yes they're both handlers they are the main handlers tomoe and they oversee when somebody else in the squadron needs to take tom lower or just wants to take time out for a day or for days so they all have created a great system so everybody gets the benefits of tomoe and ron i'll let john and brock talk about how to utilize tomoe over and bog rem and tom will not only help the squadron but helps pretty much everybody on base but the way that we came about what thomas for the squadron is we had a family out of virginia donate a litter of five chocolate labs to in memory of their nephew who was stationed at jay baer who was med boarded out for ptsd and he committed suicide and they wanted to be able to make sure that that did not happen again and we're doing everything we can to bring that number twenty two that you hear on a daily basis twenty two veterans committing suicide every day we want to bring that down and i brought all of the dogs into the squadron for the members to meet the dogs and i just kept talking to them about what a great asset this would be they really did look at me the first time like i was crazy dog lady but then they got to see how the dog was affecting everybody and promo is the one puppy that struck out in the crowd that really paid attention to each of the handlers and when you're training service dog for maybe people it has to have a very that qualities to it yeah and thomas stands for that others may live in that is woken for the two twelve th rescue squadron i love that thank you for sharing that with us i wanted to ask you if there was any meaning behind tom all well major romford tell us about how you a major road and were trained to handle tom'll and how you guys got hooked into working with tom'll show you know as we heard in april wedding two broadcom owing to the squad and one of our para rescue men schnell actually took the brunt of of the puppy time with tumble and working with all the basic commands the training to get into where you know he needed to be to start moving into more advanced training but once i came back in their squadrons from the rescue coordination centre just with everybody heading out the door to go overseas i kind of started working with april started getting more bald with tom oh and then she began you know couple of days a week she would come into our squadron in bring dogs and train myself and and brock we'd also metering in town and local areas lows or or home depot or the places extremely dog friendly we start running through courses and then as you i would have time with tom with the house april's only gonna speed dial anyway he would use something in a shooting attacks tunnel just did this what do i do you know she would come back or you knew she asked me questions well how did he do you know explain it creates a scenario okay do this you know constant twoway communication sometimes several times a day sometimes i could go a couple of days without a question but in the same thing myself in brock what have open communication like hey tom doing this or what do you.

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