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Message here. But he's gonna have to choose is going to be the science or the teachers unions, and so far they seem to be taking sides with the teachers unions. Both the CDC and Dr Anthony Fauci have said schools can reopen safely with the proper protocols in place. Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor. Green finds herself without any committee assignments after the full house voted to remove her. Green became a target for Democrats after making controversial comments before being elected to Congress. Boxes. Mike Emanuel reports ahead of Democrats voting to kick her off the education and budget committees. Congresswoman Green Address Some conspiracy theories she espoused school shootings are absolutely real. Every child that has lost those families mourn it when controversial. Democrat Congressman Ilhan Omar was accused of making anti Semitic comments in 2019 as a member of Congress. She was not removed from committees. Some House Republicans proposed a GOP amendment to kick Omar off her committee's, too, but the Democrat led House Rules Committee decided that wasn't Germaine Omar ripped the GOP for going after her ridiculous distraction on Capitol Hill. Mike Emanuel Fox News The Senate won't be hearing from former President Trump at next week's impeachment trial. House managers asked him to testify about his actions before the Capitol attack, but Trump's legal team called it a public relations stunt. They also argued the trial is unconstitutional. A North Texas man is under federal indictment in connection with last month's riot at the U. S. Capitol. Nicholas DeCarlo is accused of conspiracy, destruction of government property, theft of government, property and other charges. Prosecutors say de Carlo stole a pair of handcuffs from the Capitol police officer and edge to murder. The media on the doors of the capital. De Carlo claimed he was covering the storming of the capital for murder The media news, but prosecutors say he did not have a credential from the House or the Senate press galleries. American Airlines is planning to send out furlough notices tomorrow. Sarah Bartlett has the story. The Texas based air carrier says the hope was that the full American fleet would be flying this summer. But that doesn't appear to be the case. American also says the 13,000 or so warning notices don't mean the furloughs will happen and promise to work with union leaders. Federal lawmakers are negotiating another stimulus package, which could include relief for airlines. Gun sales continued an upward trend in the new year, setting a record high in January more from GURNAL Scott Gun retailers sold more than two million firearms last month compared to January of 2020. That's an increase of more than 75%. It extended arising gun buying interest. Some experts say the pandemic, racial injustice and massive protests. Had a hand in fueling. In addition to record sales, the FBI also reports reaching its highest numbers in January. Background checks at 4.3 million presidential election years often bring surges and firearms sales, especially when talk of gun laws being threatened become part of the conversation. GURNAL Scott Fox News Trader. Joe's employees are getting a covert bonus from the grocery chain Hourly Anonymous management employees are getting an extra $2 an hour pandemic pay. Those employees are also getting an extra $4 an hour. Thank you Pay more news on demand to ktrh dot com. I'm Wyatt Goolsbee on Houston's news, weather and Traffic station used radio 7 40 ktrh. He's here now Broadcasting from the underground command post deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building wave once again made contact with our leader than its mind, Love, then Hello, America. Mark Levin are numbers 87738138118773813811 Let us continue with this piece. Kevin Ruse. It.

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