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So. What was lorries story. Well she said that charles had showed up that morning to jj school. Jj was in the car ready to go. When charles realized he'd left his cell phone in the house but when he went back inside. Laurie had it wouldn't give it to him. Lorie told detectives. nathan moffitt. And cassandra imclone. That's how the fight started. Why wouldn't you give back the phone but she does. She said that are that she wouldn't give back the phone because because of his response i think she said something about like. What's on the phone or what's important on the phone that you that. You're acting like this and she felt like there was something incriminating there She had talked about them being separated and things like that in the way she kind of described. It shouldn't come out and say it but it was almost like one of those aha moments like other something here. I have something never said what one now. She didn't tightly. So this whole argument freaked her out so she went and got that baseball bat. The bat was in her room. it was her bat. Where'd you bring the bat out. She brought the bad out The way she explained it to defend her mother to defend. Laurie against charles correct so she brings the bat into the equation. And there's an argument. Continuing what tyler describes as that. She's kind of inbetween Charles and laurie and that at one point she sticks the bat out towards him to kinda. Hey backup get away. And he charles takes the bat from her and alex tries to intervene into this and alex describes that he charles eventually strikes him which is where his injury is from at this point thailand leaves. She goes outside kind of directed by lorry to go outside. Because jj's outside so tyler's outside when the actual shooting happens according to her and then the charles dead on the floor laureate entirely left today jj to school lori said seem best for him to follow his routine then. Alex called nine one one and there. They were the differences in the accounts. Were small hard for any cop. No then how significant they might be. It could mean they'd planned the killing from step one or it could mean. Alex was trying to shield his sister his niece his nephew binoche revealing. They were home with the shooting occurred. Or maybe he was just miss remembering who was where when trauma and shock have a funny way above messing with your head so lease discrepancies. Could it be minor but what was odd was how the family was acting in the police. Bodycam lori was actually giggly making small jokes. Small talk about being new in the neighborhood. How long you guys lived there out. Jeez yeah okay gotcha. And she knew as she titter about the neighbors that her husband charles was lying in a pool of blood on her. Living room floor shot to death by her brother. We're done to be laughing. Detectives described a woman. Unfazed and laurie stayed that way when she was interviewed at the police station. Did she have any kind of Emotional traumatic reaction to charles and staff. Not really it's kinda strange. It was it was one of the things about the interview. That was definitely a little weird kylie. She was very cooperative Talked me for quite a while. but She wasn't traumatized she no She seemed pretty calm. And you know same not didn't have much of a reaction to his death to tally ever say that she was that she regretted getting that baseball bat that she wishes she hadn't done. I think she did she. You could see her almost blame herself for kind of not starting the situation but maybe she i think she definitely blamed herself for introducing that bat into it. She used the words with you. In retrospect i probably should have got the bat. Tighly is when you speak with her. And you talk to her She she very much for. I can't think of a better word. But almost idolizes. Her mother You you can tell when you're around her and you talk to her and you see the two of them interact that. I think laurie what laurie thinks. Tyler is very important too tightly. Her mom's opinion matters to her. Wow just kind of that. Very kind of typical adolescent girl. That she she wants her mom's approval and she wants a wants that from her mom. And you you could see that just in their how they interact with each other. Musudan incline are seasoned detectives. They know how people in chalk can act. They'd seen how people would sometimes show less emotion than you'd expect. Hold their sadness for some private place out of the view of strangers. Grief has its ways but this for the detectives. This was beyond the van. Ride 'cause we dropped all of them off at the house afterwards. The van rod was straight up. His are for me. It was it was just a it was the weirdest ride i've ever had with with three strangers. Why you i would just say that. Well detective insulin was driving. And i was in the far back because we had highly Tyler was sitting on all the way up front right and then so alex was. Alex was sitting in front of me in in. Laurie was to my left. And laurie was just. It was kind of like a happy. Go lucky She was just kind of smiling talking. About how tyler was going to go to. byu hawaii and it was just very very nonchalant. No mention of charles. No mention of what happened. No mention of any of it and it was just. It was strange back from bowling. Or something down. Yeah it was weird joking around at the shooting scene making small talk in the police van. Maybe just lorries way of coping with the crisis but to the detectives. It seemed like something else. Did you have any suspicion that that stage you know. Maybe never but i don't know but any any suspicion that this might have been not as advertised that there might have been a plan to get rid of charles. Somehow there.

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