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I can get all the groceries I want, and then you turn around the corner, and there's Gail notching on the cantaloupe. So let's see the Brazilian, dude. May you know? Raspberry like you made a what he may he made a dark chocolate coffee and black pepper. Gosh, raspberry thing he's like very upset. I wanted to look like a certain way, but like the raspberries like nothing. News that Eddie strawberry. Shortcake Ryan made the his sweet savory biscuit with pickled cocoa nibs which out Nina, black Blackburn, lemon fashion long and David made a banana cream cheese trifle. And then at this point in the judging Pama stops and goes. Just realized I've only gone through less than half of these. I have the desert shakes or as I call it. A bad case of the Gaels. So ask kisser do make dessert often. No. But you know, what I do often jerk off to Richard places poster in my bedroom. Okay. Well, at least you have immunity, and then like that jar of jelly beans that Gail just got into. Kelsey. Adrian made an almond to quell few Spag made white chocolate mousse with caramel and blood, orange, something or other. I was writing these very fast adjusting, and he's like I'm made a blue cheese moose with crumbled. Goat cheese. Cat poop Malek on interesting. So let's just get to judging jolly okay so Padma now right before the judging happens of two thirty in the morning Padma seizes them. It's like it's late go get some sleep. And so she excuses them, and as they leave. I don't know if you notice this, Richard blazed, the prayer hands. Thank you thing. You know, I'm talking about. Yes. I wrote hashtag blessed. Shut up. Oh my God. What are you? What are you doing? You're like don't do that. Don't do. The don't do like like the putting your hands. Thank you so much like prayer bow. And from your seats. No. Yeah. Yulon to foster take a break. Take a break lime. Yeah. No. It's like the that's totally a hashtag blessing. And there will never be a more obnoxious hashtag hashtag blast hashtag that. Just happened. Just everybody. Go look up hashtag blast and you wanna bar. Yeah. Just say tech to say that just happened. So that was like Meany stood out. I've really liked her ponytail. Really nice elegant desert worked on that. Bony? Who's the first thing that the show so? I like to mater, real let's glosses to I I was very happy with the way, she filled my CVS prescription. Thank you. I'm eric. Eric repairs like that. Meany hell Email vehemently, not my daily..

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