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Matt Bigler KCBS a Sacramento woman is hospitalized after using a skin cream from Mexico that was laced with methyl mercury the forty seven year old woman bought the cause medic at a pharmacy in the Mexican state of police go she was hospitalized in July with numbness in the hands and face slurred speech and problems walking and her condition worsened at last report she was in a semi comma mercury is sometimes used to lighten skin and eliminate age spots but it's poisonous and it's reported that her blood contained five hundred times the acceptable level of mercury if you're driving through the fast food lane. Ali not looking for something healthy to eat here is Jim Chevy people don't want held the fast food new KFC found out the hard way after poor sales of three healthier alternatives were marketed in the U. K. the fast food giant spend ten million dollars installing ovens in its British outlets so that they could start selling baked and grilled meals as an alternative to the usual deep fried fair but the brazier grilled chicken sandwich the ranchers sandwich and a pulled chicken product of all failed to catch John now KFC is abandoning the project all together to focus on what people really want deep fried Jim Genevieve CBS news CBS news time three twenty five an artificial intelligence actually negotiate contracts some savvy investors are betting it can I'm Geoff Colvin of fortune magazine with inside business it sounds crazy after all what could be more human than the give and take of a contract negotiation but a start up called packed them uses artificial intelligence to automate exactly that process the software is intended for firms that have hundreds of thousands or millions of suppliers which means they've had to rely on standard contracts tweaking a few terms could be worth many millions of dollars but it has previously been just too cumbersome pack dump sites research showing that inefficient contracting because businesses between seventeen and forty percent of the potential value of each deal they sign the software analyzes each of the company's existing contracts then tries to predict what the vendors preferences are for example how much is he willing to trade overall revenue for the cash flow advantage of getting paid faster the software then presents several contract variations to the vendor and ask them to pick the version they prefer packed and claims it can start a conversation with five million suppliers and in fifteen minutes negotiate customized contracts for each of them and automatically update the contract terms and if you still think it sounds great. easy well it's being backed by the people who founded Skype which they sold the Microsoft for eight and a half billion dollars inside business on Geoff Colvin for CBS news. F. Y. I. hi I'm Jim Shannon B. C. B. S. news the legalization of recreational marijuana use has led to a bit of a problem for local law enforcement agencies how to determine when a driver is under the influence of pot of course there are the usual signs slurred speech red eyes reduced reaction times another motor function problems while it's easy to determine the effects of alcohol on the driver via blood or breath test there's been no scientific means to determine just how high a marijuana user is there are blood and urine tests available but what's really needed is ineffective and accurate breathalyzer for pot as because marijuana moves through the body in a different way than alcohol the psychoactive component leaves the blood very quickly but it lingers in the fat and in the brain meaning it continues to affect the person even if it doesn't show up in the blood field testing can also fall short chronic pot users may seem totally unaffected and easily passed such a test thanks for your information I'm Jim Chevy CBS news it all starts with.

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