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Now. The birds were speedy hard to intercept an easier for troops to release quickly than putting up a radio antenna. In fact, the British government actually setup of secretive wartime unit called the national pigeon service in the nineteen eighties. The BBC tracked down one of its elusive breeders that breeding entailed teaching them how to drink from Panish looking after them and seeing that they went in absolute wonderful condition when they'd had a short balls from data there for the beautiful, it'll show lovely took them this chicks, you raise them 'cause they're Kohl's weakest squeakers. That's what that's what baby pre-digital how on earth. Did you keep it a secret over those years? My loyalty to my country the first ever Dickey medal. Winner was Winky the pigeon is credited with saving the lives of the crew of Beaufort bomber after it crashed into the North Sea. Here's her commanding officer squadron leader cliff when the Beaufort hit the water I was picked off out of the cockpit through the head. The crew got into the dinghy without much trouble. Swim play around the thinking both. Have been damaged the the one of the dogs. All the while lifted the pills to take them, including one of them looked Cape. Circling set called scuffing. That was the end the Winky and we'd lost half of John's a rescue. Because the message Winky got back in Scotland. It'd be it'd be faintly between this information supplied by Winky that. Navigate that was able to work out approximately where we might be a long night was because of the. Cold and hungry. But I didn't think the last another about midday. Naval air service with quick work. I mean Winky to thank. And in case you were wondering in the long history of the Dicken medal. There is a cat among all those pigeon winners. Authorship.

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