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Marvin Alaska quotas piece by CS Lewis that I never had heard before he was speaking to university students in nineteen forty four students who were on their way to becoming England's leaders. And he said this. To nine out of ten of you, the choice, which could lead to scoundrel ISM will come when it does come in. No, very dramatic colors. Obviously bad man, obviously threatening or bribing will almost certainly not appear. I thought this is interesting nine out of ten of you are going to face this. He said, but it will not be dramatic Lewis noted that the invitation to do wrong would come in a way hard to turn down. He said he'll come over a drink a Cup of coffee disguised as triviality sandwiched between two jokes from the lips of a man or a woman, whom you have recently beginning to know, rather better. And whom you hope to know better still just at the moment when you are most anxious not to appear crude or naive or preg-. The hint will come. He will be drawn in if you are drawn in not by desire for gain or es, and this gets really interesting to me at this point. He'll be drawn in simply because at that moment when the Cup was so near to your lips. You cannot bear to be thrust back again into the cold outer world Lewis was describing the desire to be in the inner ring, and he emphasized of all the passions. The passion for the inner ring is most skillful in making a man who has not yet a very bad, man. Do very bad things. And it's so so clear when it's put to you that way when you realize it's not usually a bowl you over type thing. It does come at just those offhand moments at a time when a Cup is right to your lips. And you can't bear the thought of not being an insider that the decision is made. If you are drawn in Lewis said next week, it will be something a little further from the rules in next year. Something further still, but all in the jolly est friendliest spirit in may end in a crash a scandal in penal servitude. Or it may end in millions in peerage giving prizes at your old school, but you will be a scoundrel. And this next thing is very important. The scoundrel looking back rarely remembers choosing his life just blew Enron. Just happened. You know, you get far enough down the road. And you're able to sit back and look back down the road at the choices you made. He begin to understand how true what he's saying? Here is when you get yourself into some kind of trouble, maybe big maybe small you rarely remember choosing we rarely remember the choices it just happened. Life. Just blew. And you end up looking at yourself as being just a marionette puppet on a string. But you know, if that's the way life is then there is no value of wisdom over folly. There's no reason to beat your head against the wall in the university to gain education for there are no choices that are not predetermined. Somebody else is pulling your strings. So it doesn't matter. What you do? Now. What really astonishing meet Donald shows me is the number of Christian thinkers who accept a theological determinism. It's something like predestination that we have no choice that some people believe that God made up his mind before we were ever born which would be saved in which I was would be lost. And we have no choice in the matter. It's amazing to me free will seem so obvious in God's plan that I can't imagine anybody sing it another way. And yet there are serious Christian people who do I don't get it. Because you see that. Is the truth? Then you have no choice and any serious reader of the bible knows better than that. His wisdom better than folly. Well, according to Salomon, it was he said and Ecclesiastes to verse thirteen. Then I saw that wisdom excels folly as far as light excels darkness. Do we have choices to make that are not predetermined? Well, the book of proverbs Solomon has a number of things of advice to his son. One of them is found the very first chapter and verse ten he says this, and it sounds very much like CS Lewis story of the inner ring. My son has centers in Thais, you don't consent. If centers in Thais, you entices an interesting word, they're not bludgeoning you they're not threatening. You is just like CS Lewis said get hat happens at a moment between two jokes, and the friendliest terms when you really very much wanting to be a member of the inner circle, and they invite you if they some come with us. Let's wait for bloodless lurk privilege for the innocent. Without cause swallow them up live is the grave and whole as those that go down to the pit. We'll find all precious substance. We'll fill our houses with spoil cast in your lot with us. We'll all have one purse now, candidly, I don't know whether Solomon is saying here the way it will come to you. Or the reality of what is coming to you. Is he necessarily disagreeing with CS Lewis that these people are going to come and say, oh, let's go murder somebody or is. He what he is saying is this is tantamount to what they are saying. This is the reality of what they're saying. No matter how innocent it says coming in because the word entice says they're trying to entice you. What follows sounds pretty blunt. He says don't do that my son walk not in the way with these people. Don't walk down the road with them. Get away from them refrain your foot from their path for their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood. Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. Have you put that net out there to catch the burden of bird can see it? You're not going to get him. And you would think human beings when they see the net would get away from it. But they don't they don't see it. He says they lay wait for their own blood alert privilege for their own lives. So are the ways of everyone that is greedy of gain which takes away the life of the owners thereof. I think what solemn describing here is the temptation to the inner circle is the temptation to be drawn into a circle of people, whom you may admire whom you may be envious of who you kind of wish you could walk with them. You can actually be a part of it be admired by them respected by them. And they want you to go with them in something that you know, you should not do if you think about it. The problem. We'll get to that situation. Usually, we don't allow ourselves to think we block it out. Now, there are plenty of people who.

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