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Matt Reese, breaking now Hurricane Hannah. Making landfall tonight against along the Texas Gulf Coast and posing a variety of threats. Any storm like the category one. Hannah is going to bring a storm surge, some flooding and the threat of tornadoes. But this one, says Governor Greg Abbott is different. We cannot allow this hurricane To lead Toa Mohr catastrophically deadly event by stoking additional spread of cover 19 the state of sending teams of Corona virus testing specialists to storm shelters to see that evacuees in close quarters are not spreading the virus. Jim Runyon. ABC NEWS Dallas Now the latest traffic and weather together No major delays or accidents to report on the express ways tonight. Now, the latest forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news Radio 700 wlw a quiet night ahead, mostly clear with some patchy fog by daybreak, the low 68 We have an air quality advisories Sunday. We're going to see lots of sunshine and the humidity is going up. So it's going to feel closer to 100 degrees. Air pollution is around the greater since the area So be careful. The high 92 from your severe weather station I'm nine first morning meteorologists. Jerry Hughes News Radio 700 wlw 81 degrees The temperature in Cincinnati and we have clear skies, no sign of any rain close to the area. Ohio, reporting no deaths from Cove in 19 today after a near record 41 deaths reported yesterday. Indiana reporting 934 new cases..

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