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They belong in your brain belong in your memory. They belong in all of your brain. And they belong all of your body. But the level of them declines with age. So when you take a supplement your counter-balancing that you're just putting them back in the body. It's kind of like the same thing we do to help prevent I disease is when we give people Lieutenant zinc will putting him back in the eyeball. Well, here we're putting alcohol with LA back in your heart back in your liver back in your kidneys back in you Pancras back in your muscles back in your blood vessel walls, and especially and in your nerves back in your nurse. But especially beca to your brain. So here's people being treated for hepatitis c virus? And people at appetite ac- virus does a lot of fatigue does elevated liver enzymes elevated levels of the virus. And as. Not just absenteeism, but present absentee, and as a means, you're missing work present. He is a means you show up at work. But you can't get anything done because you're so exhausted. This is the university of Catania in Italy. I have to get back to Italy Italy is so incredible Italy if you haven't been Italy you need to get Italy. And if you just have a short amount of time go. Goshi Florence Goshi Venice angle she Rome, you could do that in a week. It's amazing. Okay. Yeah. This is the journal hepatitis monthly, and it's people with chronic hepatitis hepatitis C and gave them Al car along with their drugs, and it really helped it helped their mental fatigue their physical fatigue. It lower deliver. It lowered the level of the virus. I mean, this stuff is real at help would present. He is and absenteeism. Here's another one. The European journal neuro psychopharmacology that should be a spelling bee word the the European journal and neuro psychopharmacology at south university of Rome, it's eighty elderly people with severe depression. They gave them either Prozac, which is flow, Oxycontin or alcohol. Okay. Al car worked as well. As the Prozac, but it started to work much earlier and it worked differently at work by restoring metabolism and energy levels to the brain. And and and reduce the inflammation in the brain. And reduction of death of brain cells alcohol worked as well. As a major entity depression. Accepted started making your fatigue that made you energetic. Except it worked within one week instead of one one month to six weeks. I don't work better. The study just showing it worked better. Now, they're connecting three diseases to a lack of Al car before. I go to that. There's a nursing journal. I don't have it in front of me. I have to dig it up. It's an American nursing journal down in North Carolina. And it's an American nursing school down in Chapel Hill. And they looked at the hundred most common diseases of Americans like diabetes, Alzheimer's arthritis, every disease. That involved fatigue lacked to supplements every disease every single disease and Americans that had an element of fatigue lacked to supplements. Ubiquonol and Al car that was the common thread ubiquitous and Alker allowed to fatigued diseases. So. Three diseases are directly related to a drop in Alkmaar function Parkinson's disease. Alzheimer's disease. And diabetes. And don't forget to a degree Alzheimer's disease is diabetes of the brain. Alzheimer's disease is sort of diabetes at a break to bring can't you sugar anymore for energy? So here's the Faroe Islands wit is a very high engines of Parkinson's what's caused you. While they found some of them. They just had a genetic predisposition, but all the others that should never have developed Parkinson's. They lacked Al Qar function. Now, this is UCLA university of California, Los Angeles, the David Geffen school of medicine department. Raji David Geffen school medicine department Raji at UCLA, it's an journal neuroscience, so lacking Al car allowed Parkinson's disease to occur that occurs in the back of the brain. It's movement shorter. So here's major depressive disorder. I'm showing you that our car globally for the brain is excellent proceedings of the National Academy of sciences. That's Rockefeller University in New York. Their neuro into chronology department. The Sackler institute for psycho biology at Weill Cornell Medical school while Cornell Medical school of courses as Columbia University division of medical genetics Duke University school of medicine. The mood and anxiety disorders programme department of psychiatry. I can't school of medicine at Mount Sinai and a whole bunch of other Stanford University Stanford you come on in Palo Alto the center for neuroscience and women's health. And they found out that Al car is.

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