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Once again we do have a severe thunderstorm that is at over fairfax right now real close to wolf trap It's moving south towards Vienna and oakton with some pretty hefty rain and even some lightning So if you're out and about be mindful of that and just keep an eye at the sky Currently it's 90° in grove tenants currently 90° in Springfield and right now in green belt we're sitting at 88° All right Ryan thanks so much now 7 40 in Washington some disturbing news out of Prince William county and infant died yesterday after falling out of a car in woodbridge Lisa around one 15 in the afternoon the mom placed the ten month old girl in the backseat on restraint before driving a short distance when she returned to the home of a family member someone opened the back door causing the child to fall into the road She rushed out of the car to check on the baby but the car's transmission was still in drive which led to the child being hit The infant sustained a serious head injury and died later at the hospital so far no charges have been filed against the driver Acacia James WTO P news Arlington county police arrested a man they say made threats and tried to force his way into Thomas Jefferson middle school while it was on lockdown Police say the man told them later he thought there was violence happening inside the school The school went into lockdown Friday at lunchtime because of an assault involving a weapon at a nearby business Police say Alexander setta Yahoo satay came to the school to pick up relatives who are students when he found the school locked police say he called 9-1-1 and said he was armed and needed to get into the school Police say setau kicked the door down broke glass trying to force his way in He did not get in then he left police eventually caught up with him arrested him according to police the man thought violence was happening in the school because of text messages that he got from a relative inside Last month Boeing moved its headquarters into north of Virginia which is now home to most of the country's biggest military contractors Today the company announced a new partnership with the state aimed at helping veterans succeed in their post military life All right how much fun is this Virginia governor Glen youngkin was all smiles as Boeing announced the center for veteran transition and military families which will be housed at Virginia tech's innovation campus The innovation campus was just an idea many years ago and it is absolutely in Boeing fashion rocketing Into the future to make this big move with our veterans has deep meaning to Virginia tech Virginia tech president Tim sands says it'll help provide tools for veterans looking to move into tech fields They will have access to our programs with a to be certificates or master's degrees and they'll.

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