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Of different things and then another friend who is putting my contact lenses in in the movie she had the same thing that she had a cornea transplant as well let's go our whitney i was acting to her so when i got my site back i made sure that she felt like this was an accurate moment more she's in this jason clark is in is well you're members zero dart thirty yes yeah he was the eu's one of the lead you know guys in that movie when investigators where the gaza would um you know put him through the paces and everything so so he i have no idea what the with the disturbing things is it she finds out interest they're all icees you opens in theaters on friday let's do the next clip and jigsaw restocking about that uh the eighth installment of the soil franchise a installments a police investigation into a series of murders points to one suspect john cramer the man known as jigsaw who has been dead for ten years here tobin bell comments on the nature of his character most of us complain a great deal about the state of the world on what's going on in the world but we do nothing about it and if he's anything he's a guy who's committed enough to do something about it so he makes choices and he goes about them and it's really up to the viewers to decide whether he's our hero in antihero villain or whatever it is i am so sir he was the the hitman in the firm right the like the sdlp i believe he will now he's an intimidating looking guy he is he's bennett this role though forever and so decades jigsaw plays in theaters on friday tsars halloween movie for you to go check out our in there yet that's what i have for you this morning in the entertainment news speaking of movies today is not thursday no it's thursday day tickets to give away to the movie screening which will be on monday october thirty seven thirty p at the uae king of prussia let's take five callers and put you on our lists to one five two six three wam are and also if you.

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