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Edens there's no delays nineteen minutes inbound outbound between lake cook and the Kennedy junction Edens spur slow in both directions eastbound. From the tri-state to pass Waukegan westbound from what Keegan exton inbound Kennedy. Twenty seven minutes so here to downtown twenty back to O'Hare the Eisenhower inbound thirty one. Minutes three ninety two downtown twenty. Nine back to three ninety. No delays on the Stevenson. Or I fifty five inbound Ryan looking good. As as the outbound Fifty-seven of. Bishop forty. Incident free same with lakeshore drive Dr not. Delays to report on our Illinois tollways or northwest Indiana roads in Stony island the, crash at ninety fifth and. Stony Allen blocking the intersection get traffic and weather together on the eighth every, ten minutes on, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM AccuWeather forecast we have a shower possible in some spots earlier this evening otherwise variable cloudiness tonight. Low of sixty five. Degrees and. Mix of clouds and sun tomorrow with. A stray shower possible high of eighty, degrees, and then tomorrow night patchy. Clouds with a low of sixty five degrees seventy three right now at O'Hare at seventy five at midway. Seventy two at. The lakefront WBZ news time nine thirty on July first the minimum wage in Chicago rose from eleven dollars an hour to twelve dollars an hour by law and if wages offered where the only factor in the quality of life. It might mean many people were just a little bit better off but the numbers suggest that little payback. Is not likely to help. Families that are struggling and things are not getting better for as many people's local leaders would hope this weekend we're going to look at who's getting Left behind is the metropolitan area grows and what the rest of his need to do about it for all our sakes Hello I'm political editor. Craig Delamore and this is at issue Every week it seems we hear about companies that are moving to.

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