Kushner, Carlin, Donald Trump discussed on Common Sense with Dan Carlin


Yes kushner dead carlin common sense i keep hearing from people telling me that i'm somehow shirking my duty in this particular day and age to be speaking out politically after all we've been doing for years commonsense podcast radio shows i have a responsibility and how can i be leaving the playing field now with the stakes as high as they are so you think you wanna commonsense podcast from me i'm not so sure you're right about that and if you really do and you end up walking away saying yeah that was exactly what i wanted you probably didn't need it to begin with we have spoken for years and you longterm listeners know this already about systemic things this is what's important in our system right the framework the way were running the various major elements in play and how they're picking off each other so when we talk about things like corruption this is a foundational problem because if you're not talking about that you're obsessing getting all worked up over things that are not a major part of the scene that are that are subsidiary problems that are symptoms of a larger 'cause donald trump is a symptom of a larger problem and so when people want me to jump into this fray right now the stakes have never been higher i don't see the same problem you do now let's stand i could be wrong about this but the fact that i'm even saying that to me is a part of the situation how often do you hear that from anyone anymore.

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