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And we're back at yankee stadium and let me give you aaron booze lineup yankees come in tonight at seven and seven gardeners in left field he is leading off paren judges and right he's batting second john carlos stanton against his old team is jason he is batting third glorious shortstop and he is bad and clean up the number five hitter is the catcher gary sanchez aaron hicks is in center field batting sixth the first baseman is tyler austin he is batting seventh miguel and do heart is the third base batting eighth and ronald trae is the second baseman and he is batting ninth pitching matchups brought to you by chockfull and that's coffee new york's heavenly coffee since nineteen thirty two for the yankees it will be luis severino and three games eighteen innings pitched fourteen hits seven runs seven watts and twenty strikeouts and had a bit of a rough time rough time up in boston and he is usually generally very very good after he gets hit around last time you don't usually see too bad outings in a row from luis severino and the ex yankee caleb smith is getting a start in john mattingly's rotation three games thirteen innings eleven hits seven runs two home runs ten walks in nineteen strikeouts he was pretty much fastball change when he was here in the pitch out of the bullpen he usually is a one around the lineup kind guy if you only have two pitches he's working on a third and fourth pitch and with this team you're gonna have plenty of time to work because they are in a full blown redevelopment stage here today starting batteries brought to you by interstate batteries every battery for every need the yankees starting pitcher is we severino and behind the plate we'll be gary sanchez says the empire's lineup is.

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