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I i wouldn't know courtney kardashian from a hole in the wall. This is from cosmo. Shanna moakler says her mom quote blank. Shanna moakler says her. Mom a never liked travis barker be mrs travis barker. C doesn't like the kardashians de thinks courtney the best kardashian. This is weird. See see she doesn't like to go dashing. Well okay shanna. Moakler says courtney kardashian travis barker's. Pda is quote weird. Funny pathetic or nasty. I know she said it's weird. It's weird it's weird. She sang this everywhere weird. Shanna moakler the system life and style. Shanna moakler says travis barker covered her initials with blank. A courtney's initial be a pen girl. See a skull or d a big salad. How about a scout. It's a skull. Shanna moakler travis barker covered her initials with a skull. Isn't that messed up. Yeah that's messed just two more short shit Says it's quote worth it after blank k. K. after deleting instagram to avoid seeing pics of them after getting travis's tattoo removed after getting fillers or after getting an ad free hulu subscription to catch up on keeping up the credentialing fillers after getting tattooed travis's tattoo remove his name removed from her body. Okay this is the last one. This one's not multiple choice. You have to just fill in the blank shanna. Moakler slams quote blake after removing tattoo of extroverts barker. What is the most prototypical thing for a celebrity to slam the media. Close tabloids one word paparazzi pop tabs. Pops me the general public fans. The worst kind of fam- haters haters. She slept the haters. The water to defense she removed travis barker's tattoo and like how dare you remove the tattoo and then she had to write this to my newfound haters now to clarify since everyone seems to know my personal life my expert a skull tat to our initials on his hand while his new girl lovingly looked on that was done with purpose and intent along with posts to try to insult me and my happiness with my new man and she she put an accent mark over new. So it's naidu man once again weird. This is my final session on a tattoo with his name. And i've been removing it for some time. I believe it. I believe it. I believe it's believed says. Shanna says.

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