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The stock here i think they're going to have a lot of headwinds from headwinds from the standpoint of competition as far as craft breweries and mcdonald's you name it i mean mcdonalds is launching their their frappuccino or i'm sorry there memories look craft brewers are big i mean they're coming in the backyard all over you want going up with a deal every morning what do i think the reality is that in the us i think that they are doing a lot of things the right way they have underperforming stores they're closing those down there doing everything that they need to do from a business perspective and china what does excite me is the idea of partnering up with jack ma getting the digital side of this going and obviously the expansion which is china they've been talking about it forever we've watched the how many stores they're building daily i mean it's unbelievable that is the place that they i think they actually that's the golden ticket adding coming up bank soaring today ahead of earnings later this week so why are some traders fading the move we will explain plus let's check on our kramer kaman inside peek into jim studio there is batman himself talking three stocks to buy not the markets back in rally mode all that much more top of the hour mad money meantime we're live at the nasdaq in times square much more fast money still ahead welcome back to fast money banks soaring today as a number of big names like wells fargo and jp morgan all gear up to report earnings later this week the options market is implying some pretty interesting moves for the name one name in the space i should say dan's over the plasma to break down he dan all report earnings friday morning before the opening and citigroup is the one i want to look at it's one of the worst performing dame's off of its highs earlier in the year call volume of two and a half times that of puts today but there was one trade that kind of caught my eye in citigroup in particular real quickly the implied move is about two and a half percent between now and friday for all of those names which is about average over the last four quarters but there was a trade that caught my eye roll up in puts in the july thirteenth weekly it's really just looks like protection for a long position in citigroup today when the stock was trading at about sixty eight there was a buyer of the july thirteenth this friday expiration sixty seven and a half puts paying about forty seven cents for those those break even down at forty seven oh three the trader also did this in jp morgan ended wells fargo so i think this is protecting long physicians in those names real quickly let's just kind of go to the chart here look at how this stock found support at this level about sixty six i think a lot of these banks stocks found support here so possibly a run into the earnings i know on the way out all right thanks for that dan for more options action full show friday five thirty pm eastern time up next fun trades final trae pete's a company a couple of weeks ago i talked about ameriprise giddy up thirty jail with virtual no user growth year over year i'm a seller twitter facebook new all time high not a buyer though ten six straight scores of revenue growth and revenue growth where fire opposite melissa eliot thanks to watch and see you back here tomorrow five or more fast meantime don't go anywhere mad money with jim cramer starts right now

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