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Thanks for your call have a great friday we've got to we've got to wrap it up there we may talk about it more next week once this case goes before the supreme in the meantime when we come back this is four twenty somehow it became the high holy day of people that want to legalize pot and we'll get into the difficulty of registering and regulating these medical marijuana licensing facilities this these dispensaries and the detroit news has come out and said that this should be a states rights issue not controlled by the federal government will see how you feel about that next seven hundred sixty wjr news ken rogulski a grumble haller has crashed dentist office and clarkston this afternoon the crash occurred ortonville and walden roads deputies say the hauler hit two vehicles in the intersection and then went on and crash into the dentist office which is right across the street from the clarkston union bar and kitchen right now there are no injuries however the driver is still trapped in his camp there was nobody at the dentist office it appears to have been closed today now also there was a gas leak in the area ortonville road is expected to remain closed through the rush hour a ninety million dollar construction project will shut down the entire westbound side of i six ninety six between i ninety four and i seventy five starting a week from today and that will remain that way until november the stretch of the interstate will be closed friday night next friday the closure will start on the eastbound side and then the westbound ramps to i ninety four from six ninety six six am dots diane cross suggests drivers watch out for the detours we need to detour about fifty thousand people a day and so what we wanna do is those who are ninety four we wanna keep them on ninety four instead of going west on a sixty six we want you to head into detroit and use i seventy five take that northbound to six ninety six in order to go west the.

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