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Just get me some booze and fast. Can't take this much longer. We're gonna have a beer fact drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. So tonight. Dinner and hanging out bodies place after we were not with more than eight people the entire night. So media portrayed me my best friend and team mate to be malicious with our actions. But according to CDC, guy like Corona, We were practicing safe practices exactly Sag. The picture from the Cleveland Indians, who was trying to explain himself away by trying to hide behind the CDC guidelines when his actual employers People who pay him the millions of dollars to throw a baseball which is one introduces. He was five. His dream come true. Tell him you've got to not do this because we got to stay working, otherwise going to end up like ST Louis and have to play double headers for the rest of our lives. It's a little bit of the White Sox fault as well, though, because if they had knocked him around in his start, he would have been in the mood to go out and party with his bro's friends. Yes, which they did not know his dad Dantley, SEC Major leaguer. Seventh, most appearances of any pitcher in major league history. Well, Roger wrote about that, just throwing that out there his cardboard stand. He was in the stands at the game that but apparently didn't mourn his son about going out like I like. I love people who feel like they're they're fun is being inconvenienced by the Corona virus like this is this is this is hassling my buzz. Shut up about it so put upon their rivers, bro. CDC. Constitutional right, right? And that, you know, you know, he's lying about that. You know that he was not being CDC compliance socially. Doesn't all that other stuff. You know, That's the calling is Brok. No, Listen, we've got to comply with CDC guidelines. No more a 60 feet apart. Make sure their paper mache no ventilator. Let's go do this. Probably not. Yeah, quite clumsy, bro. More of that going on. Where's calves kept pile Joining escape out. Oh, my gosh. All right. Speaking of Ah, Speaking of that Anybody. We just rolled the actual can arbol wagon into the room and we're drinking whatever's left on it, because it you know, people have been stealing from it. Throughout the building, and they're not that many people in the building. Thousands of people have been drinking the hand sanitizer, right. Well, that might be true. But you know the water down peach Schnapps we're getting to the To the bottom of the wagon here. We're gonna have to refresh. You can't bring people and we can't bring the restaurants in the bars in the way we normally dio so we're just having to have just living on the edge here. Very end. I mean, when CVS becomes our bailout position, forgetting the liquor we know something has gone terribly wrong in the convertible wagon. Maybe go back retro and place of the greatest convertibles of all time. Joining us now is Harry carried to talk about his new restaurant. Harry carries happy 50th. Harry. Yeah, I don't think Harry ever we certainly had Harry Carey's restaurant. Plenty of times in the car. Boys don't like it all predated Harry was alive with honorable wagon was invented because that novel wagon is 20. What is it 25 years old, now 25 24 years old now, and it's the 25th anniversary next year of the novel. That I know where Where will you be? When that happens, right? Sort of exactly. But the But Harry never. I don't think ever made an appearance. But his bartenders did and almost killed me during one of them. I'll tell that on the 25th anniversary special whom I don't have to come up with the faked update because I have no idea what all I know is it just sort of organically appeared. And next thing you know, It was drinking out. It's nice that you could just come up with a date. That's what I'm doing. Yeah, that's what I'm going to. Are you coming up? Speaking of that we're going to talk. We got a bunch of stuff to talk to. With you about, but then dotting throughout that we're also going to play some mask holes of the week? Yes, even though we're having all kinds of trouble here, there were still so this is an international edition of Mass. Cole's, including a Canadian. So now this is interesting. Does the Canadians You know, they're known for being a real polite, right. So the guy is a polite Maskell. Okay, so that's That's interesting sound to it. We can do that in the five o'clock later on in this hour, I should say we are in fact, my car and then in the sixth like hour we're going to play your interview with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Dominique Fishback from Project power, which is now available, right kind reflects that people can go see it and you gave it 3.5 stars you Lovett, You'll explain it again. Sure for people that it's about taking a pill. But you just don't know what's gonna happen, Which is what the medical marijuana's all exactly let's check in with Mary Vandeveld. What's happening in the traffic.

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