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The most powerful I have ever heard him do that. Song so during the river tour. The second river tour i said and i was lucky enough to go to four or five shows in that run that they seem to have a sense of joy playing together and i said i don't know if it's because of david bowie and glenn fry and prints and and the people that we lost with. There was a sense of the road in front of us is shorter than the road behind us. I do not know how many more times we will be able to get to do this together. And so therefore and that may be my psyche moving onto their ears. But that's what i felt and they felt like the sense of joy that as they were playing together during that tour like this is a blast. And i don't know how many more times we're going to be able to do this. I'm gonna enjoy every frigging second on stage and every note in every song in every applause because it's the joy i wonder because this is what three years later freshly three four years. How long has it been since the netflix. In the original broadway ended. I did not do the math. Three route so he three years older. We've gone to a pandemic. he has lost. You know the last remember. The kiss steals. His mother is older and the nation in the world has experienced this pandemic that has led to so much death you wonder if his sense of mortality is more awareness. And maybe that's where some of this sense from. The new show is coming from doubt that at all I think He doesn't directly address his own mortality but he addresses mortality. Show was about mortality. Yes right I don't think that's an overstatement burn. Overgeneralization balch and I i think it has to be in his mind. But i think you know i was gonna say because of the way his mind works or his heart works to thirty three is he's like focusing more on on. The options is from his life rather than on. Yeah when he will be right right The but i think he's spoken about that. It's just you get to a certain stage of life up until that point. That's pretty rare and then all of a sudden it starts to become much more common on that.

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