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Importance these, days Graham last weekend picked up an endorsement from the Palm Beach post progressive, Andrew gillum. Needs money to compete in the race and received over four hundred thousand dollars in matching funds, from. The state last Friday early voting has begun in some counties including Miami Dade where refined gubernatorial candidate Philip LeVine, here's the opportunity for us to get rid of Donald Trump and his. Little mini me radical Ron early voting will begin on, Friday and orange and Osceola counties. And Saturday in Seminole county state Senator Linda Stewart a democrat is slamming Adam Putnam in Rick Scott for the algae bloom she has seen on a waterfront, video from Stuart Florida holding, a, jar of green water I'm going to take this back to analyze Rhonda Santa's sounds off over the FBI is firing a Peter Struck calling it overdue. And that the former agents rampant bias against then candidate Donna Trump did enormous damage Joe ruble news ninety six point five WDBO six fifty news ninety six point five WDBO you sitting, in traffic hang on we'll get to that, in a moment first chief meteorologist Tom Terry with. An update on the rain Tom Terry heavy thunderstorms still developing moving north. And east, so the I four quarter we'll keep close tabs on the radar dissipating after nine PM tonight and will return with a. Forty percent, storm coverage tomorrow but some changes some drier air back in our outlook toward, the end, of the week the extended five day forecast four times an hour still have a severe thunderstorm, warning. For northern Seminole county heavy rain continuing in Sanford Lake Mary Heathrow up in Volusia county the good news is, it is beginning to move east of I four and the four seventeen. Let's get an update from the SafeTouch Security triple team, traffic center delays still spotty Spaniard. Little heavy Kirkman four hundred eighty five and who is thinning out as well as part two leeann at Maitland but just still a little heavy at four, thirty four and then forty six To the bridge westbound.

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