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Guts. Oh, hey. Did. We're just talking about how much light you are. So we pivoted. I think we're in good place. Yeah, it's gonna be so good this year ready. Great guys. Flying. This is going to be an author disaster. Working with him for years, and I still go home upset with this clinically. Wednesday night. The hate him. These libertas show with this two guys on ESPN radio. All right for the pantheon. And Tom Barringer is gonna join us in fifteen minutes, but there are handful of questions in the history of this show that stugatz. Regrets asking or as poorly one of the nominees. I think one of the medallists for worse to God's question would be when he asked someone so you like sandwiches. Just a terrible interview question in that that was scall- brainy maybe. So you like sandwiches was a question, and then there was the ludicrous question. This still brings to God's the rare shame. He is not normally shame we can bear. We thought he was allergic to shame. We didn't think shame was possible with him, but he asked ludicrous indelicate question. We were at a birthday party shots birthday party actually, and stugotz was clearly drunk. Does does the watch costlo come on. I don't know. I got it for free. As a good question, that's an indelicate question right? You don't ask a woman what she ways that you don't ask a hip hop star. What is jewelries worth to you? Let me ask you really don't. So the the gold medalist, though the gold medalist of bad gods questions was Chuck Norris. We did an interview with him and there were Chuck Norris facts that that point and and the facts were things like, you know, Chuck Norris where's the boogeyman pajamas to bed? Or they were just a series of facts that then became Tim tebow facts. We were intimidated. I admittedly I chose a terrible one. Why you check the boogeyman checks for Chuck Norris under the bed. Something like whatever, whatever, you know, Chuck Norris doesn't do pushups the is out yet. Really got these people know it was a long time ago. These were funny ten years ago, but anyway, Chuck Norris came on with us and what one of them definitely wasn't was what's to got set. All right. We're going to see whether these any of these here can crack Chuck. Norris is top ten. Your favorite involves Toronto source Rex? You wanna do yours? Yeah, that. That. Chuck Norris was chasing the Toronto sors wrecks. The Rex was not chasing the Jeep interesting part way to kind of blind throat. That's The what it was. way to deliver that one. Good start that way. The worst question that's to God's ever asked was to Russell brand. He asked him why he wasn't successful at suicide. Is that the worst while we went through, we took a dark turn there..

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