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It's a lot a domino's worker got paid because he got crushed by four hundred pounds of cheese domino's pizza employee is one hundred and eighty thousand dollars richer after winning a settlement earlier this month in which is workers claim was that he was crushed by four hundred pounds of cheese in five years old was unloading boxes lost control of the hand truck it's slipped through the way to the cheese it's not funny just getting crushed by cheeses the headline yeah the fact that it's twos fun how can you even had a cheese they can't that's a lot of cheese yeah so they're paying him one hundred and eighty thousand dollars wow i'll take that you know is injured his ankle is nina's back it we're a leg brace for six months we'll likely to have knee replacement surgery who it was cheese i know it's like just give me the chiefs we'll call the that messing up the knee stuff that's tough yeah knees and back but yeah fell on him and you think he's going to get paid really the story about steve moakler steve mope alerts bennema bobby cast he's really good artist to amy's friends oh yeah i got a text from gracie like right after just like oh my gosh like it's crazy big rick bit kara steve moakler 's it says tore van is a sprinter van it crashed while he was driving everyone's okay steve moakler van crashed yesterday he was heading to a show in asheville north carolina when it happened he posted a photo on instagram wrote while crazy day by the way let me say this this photo this whole van is just demolished and he was the one driving and his tour manager was up front with him and he steered the car so that he would take the impact instead of his tormentor and his wife is one that she's in the van and told me that she's she was in it.

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