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The case is essentially an argument between the two states and refers the case up to the US supreme court harmful versus doll folk mega sway from the tug river valley old away to the supreme court of the US out. Yeah. Wingding then bang bang. Dang, dang dang thing. Mending mainly main West Virginia governor Wilson appeals a decision on March fifth. The judge GRANDE. Appeal which passes to the US circuit court on April fifth here used as Gibson the lawyer who represented West Virginia in the hatfields again argues that the rest of the hatfields in West Virginia constituted, unlawful seizure, steady of Kentucky Turner form of Kentucky. Governor j Proctor Knott knowledge that the arrests were unlawful but claims that it did matter because they were unlawfully rested in Kentucky and the judge in. The appeals case reaffirmed the decision to send the trout to the US supreme court. So now, April thirteenth eighteen eighty eight lawyers for both West Virginia and Kentucky arrive in Washington DC to present their arguments for the case the arguments begin unable twenty third with Virginia, aka the hatfields lawyer Gibson. Stick is original point the whole series of events from caption, West Virginia through arrested incarceration, Kentucky, continuous constitutes gives me single continuous act by the agents on behalf of the state of Kentucky, Kentucky's attorney AK. The McCoy's attorney not declared that had never been that. It had never been shoot me an issue between the two states, but. Rather between private individuals? And if it had been a state issue West Virginia should have filed US supreme court directly instead of going to the first the district court. He's Christ general opinion was that this was correct. And the West Virginia had made a procedural error old supreme court rules that while the initial arrest and induction the hatfields in West Virginia was on constitutional. There were no grounds for charging Kentucky with wrongdoing to the state of West Virginia. So now Kentucky wins the case. And hatfields are now on the run get you through the hot Fokion. Now, get the feds are gonna be chasing you swan. So now several hatfields are being searched look for to be put on trial for the New Year's attack on the random McCoy's home in the spring of eighteen eighty eight West Virginia thirties take legal measures their own against the men responsible. For the arrests indicting Frank Phillips that Debbie sheriff or. Yeah. Indicting excuse me. Frank fields deputy sheriff John Yates pike county and assorted McCoy's for the murder of Jim Vance. Additionally, the offer substantial rewards for the rest of Philips and other men McCoy men on the run now as well. So. A lot of legal maneuvering for really the same results. You still have Hatfield people being chased by authorities on behalf of Kentucky. And you still have McCoy people now being chased by thorns on behalf of West Virginia by the summer of eighteen eighty eight the rewards offered for the hatfields and Kentucky and the McCoy's in West Virginia had totaled to about eight thousand dollars, which draws the attention of various kinds of detectives from all over the country Pinkerton and others descended on the tug valley with the hopes to get rich by capturing some of these people and collect rewards. On both sides. These these new outliers these new, you know. Detector met with disdain sometimes outright hostility. Most of the wanted had McCoy seek refuge in the mountains. Just hide out until things cool down letting their women and kids at home. You know, let them mind the properties Deva, Lance. He himself moves to remote narrow valley nearest West Virginia. Sorry, I'm saying that name wrong. Two small unincorporated area and Logan county that no one outside of the area gives us single fuck about no one has published any type of pronunciation guide. So if you like actually that's pronounced stare you and seven people care about that. Anyway, devil Anse hides there to protect himself from these new outsiders heave and set up a kind of fortress for his clan. Should they need to flee into the woods to defend themselves? He stocks cabin with water food fuel arms and munition in case of a prolonged siege..

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