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Look there is a cost for actors coming out in hollywood and it's wrong and it's unfortunate and it needs to stop you. Know he could say those things. He's in a position to say those things but he doesn't he's like people are making fun of me because they think i'm gay engaged and there's nothing wrong with being gay henry Roy halston will tell you that. In fact it's fabulous mother as my carpets are smooth henry of you wanna come to my new york apartment and do some lines of cocaine with me. I'd love it so so you know. I think it's harmful i would like to him to look to the guidance of his co star. Ben affleck who is rumored for many years to be deeply in love and that damon And you know or chris evans whose another peer in the superhero film franchises rumored to be gay. These these men look at those rumors with delight. They trolled their fans like chris. Evans most famously oops say something. Fun might have seen a picture by if they're laughing. They're inviting that speculation to delight in the fact that they are speaking to a wide variety of people there part of mass consciousness idea of what an ideal male is and they also understand that they're human beings and their flawed and they brushed their flaws. And i think henry cavill you know i mean his co-star who plays jason momoa jason. Momoa talk to jason. Mom just memo has been in the limelight a lot longer than you have. He's been a hunk. He was in baywatch. A baby you know. They watch baby and he seems to have a really good grounded idea of his masculinity about her sexual ambiguity. Just talk to your co stars and you know if that involves Some champagne and jacuzzi. Then let make it pixel Well let's talk about allen ellen allen's reign of terror over. she's still got another year. he's got another year but the mtv tv and movie Unscripted awards had heard on like they do in memoriam section of things that have died. It was allen's rape of terror. Good that they can poke fun of that kind of stuff. You know ellen recently came out and said hey after. I always decided after one thousand nine years. I'm going to end this program. And this has absolutely nothing to do with people. Saying that i i have a toxic work. Environment was always my intention but she also has come forward and said that was very hurtful for all these people coming forward and talking about The work environment that she's provided for people and you know. I think a lot of lesbian. Comedians are scared of the struggles. That rosie o'donald went through when she came out and left her talk show. Rosie said that when the press called her the queen of nice she said that was beginning of the end Because nobody not that nice. It's one of those goes back to that thing. If people call you great. Expect great things from they expected from you all the time and when the queen of dice you know if you if you're not nice all the time then you become a monster especially when you're you know an outsider but who made their daily sign off. Let's be kind to one another and said she should have been like. I'm a lesbian. And i love. He can't she could have been grandma's grandma's watching anyways. I hope this year ellen. 'cause she's hilarious. She was the funniest thing on person on open house on fox when sri sir started her television career. The the jerry seinfeld getting coffee with comedians in cars it was a brilliant episode and her stand up special net flicks..

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