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For Shahryar Marlin MAC, John Brown Christian Kirk Japan, Richard Japan, richer. Jailers shar typo Barlett back job. Brad, Chris Christie, Kirker Japan, Richard. Let's go with Marlin Mack. Okay. This is from Aaron from Maine, but he's currently in Colorado. Dear what's more fun place to be manner? Colorado. Yeah. That's I never been to Maine, but sorry, dear Adam Dave, Jamie, Patrice start to have PR five point bonus for a hundred rushing receiving yards. Start to AJ green. Kenny golladay that Brita Austin Eker. I will go with golladay and equa this is from Matt in a small city in northern Virginia. I don't have one. Virginia Beach was wondering if you could help out with this half point, PR debacle. Start three of these four mixing Chubb Connor Lindsey. Lindsay's? A must Connors must Mixim must. I would sit chub and side question. Have you guys discussed ranking quarterbacks next year with a four point versus six point for passing touchdown option. We have discussed it. It will be something that we talk about after the season ends. So at some point in February we will all sit down with all of our. Tech people they're way smarter than I am. They know how our technology works. And we'll see if we can I'd like to come to a solution where we can provide rankings for any type of league. Touchdown only league. That's easy. You don't rank them. We don't rank them. But if we're going to provide rankings for every type of format that means that we have to project players which food after project touchdowns which would help people in touchdown only leagues. Right. All right. We have all kinds of philosophical debates on that. Like when you project a touchdown. Should you project? The percentage chance that a player will score or do you project a decimal fraction of touchdown. Can you project a player for three tenths of a touchdown? What the hell is that you either score. You don't I saw we've had a lot of bag. You know, I've been doing this for a long time. We've had this conversation nanny times. And I don't know if there's a great philosophical answer. I don't know what people want from projections in terms of whole touchdowns versus fractional touchdowns percentage of touchdowns. Maybe. That's something that will come up on Twitter one day in February or March. I don't really look at projections. I look at rankings. Well, sometimes projections fuel the rankings. Sure, I think it's probably because I do so much research that I- internally project. I have a general idea of what I expect from someone. And then I use your rankings. But you know, I don't think our listeners do that. So maybe they use projections. All right. Let's move on more emails fantasy football at CBS dot com. This is from wait. Oh, yeah. We did answer that one. This is from Tony from CBS. Dave Tony from CBS. Awesome. Yeah. Pick one receiver in PR Christian Kirk Josh Reynolds, Mike Williams, it's going to be Josh Reynolds. The Tony yeti you can Email us. You know, we're all on the same server here. Yeah. Tony, maybe you're not really from CBS. Maybe he's from CVS, and it was a typo like Japan, Richard. Maybe he's from Columbus and forgot the hyphen in the U for C bus. Maybe did you that sounds far fetched? Do you ever do people ever ask you will you tell them what you do or who do you work for and you say CBS, and they say oh CV like they think it's the pharmacy. No. Usually they say what the hell kind of job is that now I thought those guys did that in their mom's basement. And I tell him I've got an office. And then I tell them I do a podcast and video and like what? Yeah. People who don't know it used to be that you were door if you played fantasy football and now your door. If you just don't know anything about fantasy. Football's kinda true, congratulations. If you're listening. You're not a door. All right. Tony's question. But we answered it. Okay. Now, Kevin from Arlington. We Tony so much dancer twice..

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