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Straight drop steps up throws late toward the end zone, Kid. Gotta go for 2 25 Yard touchdown pass to Drake Stoops. Rivers showdown is off the rails, Rolling Lear Field MG College. Spencer Rattler the scoring strike to Drake Stoops. That's right. Stoops and the fourth, OT before Oklahoma picked off a pass in the end zone. Tau win a while. 53 45 game from number. 22, Texas. A long words committed 11 penalties had three turnovers and multiple special teams miscues, to which time, Herman said. It's my job to make sure that doesn't happen. Trevor Matics on Game day This is a frustration. Herman was one in three against Oklahoma coming into this game, Sam Mellinger. Same way they have a championship game that added one extra game to that. Said. This was the game for Texas to re assert their dominance. They want a tight one, a high scoring 12 years ago against calamari in Oklahoma. But other than that, it's been all Oklahoma. For the last five years or so, And this was the game. Oklahoma's defense has been giving up. Ah, lot of huge plays A Sam Mellinger, a quarterback is phenomenal at making huge plays that those opportune moments you've got unauthentic for Oklahoma that's been struggling. Their running game coming into this game was about half the yards per game as it was last year. I mean, they just have not been able To put things together receivers to the short side to the wide sides to guarantee.

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