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Yeah and that's that's the case for as good as someone is maybe it's time to let them go i know man love someone let them go and we're just the hell with them go with different direction move them in a different role or something like that you know do something where you can take advantage of their personality and of their history in the sport and what they bring to the table but just short little tiny doses where they don't have to improvise and they don't have the then they have to think on their feet they don't just get there and going autumn owed you know here's the thing and this is just me jeff gordon stays i think jeff gordon's star i think jeff gordon gives great insight oh maybe bring ally gold as the as the start guy for fox by play guy yep yep and then i like the dynamic of crew chief and driver in the booth do you bring up you bring back hamlin you put hamlin in the booth what's andy petri doing nowadays i think he's running team oh darn i think any petri is actually childress i wonder if you did and i wonder if he did the indy five hundred this this past weekend because i thought he was doing petri vp competition for children's okay right well you can't have him then that's a good bet who's who the hell maybe tommy baldwin but all in the booth but would he not be busy too well he sold his team did yeah but i thought does still doing stuff with them could be but at the same time i'm pretty sure if you give him a solid job every week for a decent amount of money i'm pretty sure he'll be like you know what you guys you guys are fun and then you know it would be epic one hollywood hotel segment every single week with ron devine oh where he just gets whatever the hell he.

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