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Test your strength. Come see the fire breathing baby car. Let's fan out and tell people that liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance. So you only pay for what you need. Look an email Where in sunglasses, Lino, You're famous. Only pay for what you need is everybody Liberty, Liberty, NewsRadio, 8 40 w h A s. You're listening to one of the featured I heart radio podcasts of the week Find this and more on the free I heart radio app now number one for podcasting. So cool Aid was the invention of Edwin Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska. In the 19 twenties. Perkins was born in 18, 89 and Louis, Iowa, but spent most of his childhood and Hindley Nebraska, and he grew up working in his father's general store. As a child. He was really interested in this hot new powdered products you may have heard of Hello. He convinced his father to stock it at the store. Um and and it was just he found it. So at least from what I read, and this is me, sort of projecting, but it sounded like it was something he was just so inspired by Look at this thing. When he was older, he started making some of his own products to sell directly to customers, Things like perfume and blue wing. Blowing in the sense, by the way is a chemical that's used to help whiten white fabrics. Yes, not confusing in the name at all. But, you know, you know, no one asked me. They should have Lauren. They should have Hurricanes designed the labels and advertising for these products himself and printed them on his own printing press, and he saw enough success to open his own mail order company called Perkins Products company. Now that is clearer. Um yes, you better me is distribution needs. Perkins relocated to Hastings, Nebraska. In 1920..

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