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The Philadelphia voice cited half a dozen sources, including players on the team who this is one of my favorite parts who requested to remain anonymous fearing repercussions given winces power within the organization like he was some sort of dictator that was going to chop off their heads. If they spoke ill of the star quarterback in Philadelphia. But it brought up a larger point about this situation in general the Monty Jones and Pablo Tori discussed on high noon yesterday. This is about how the offense run. It's about him favoring Zakar to the tune of being targeted tight end in history. And so the question becomes is this an offense thing is this. No there. Person on the offense. Who's like I liked it. When it was more democrat all the story says though as much about it'd be more democratic as much as John def- Lupo and Frank Reich could deal with Carson Winston that the new office coordinator, Mike rope is getting walked over by Carson right now, the issue that I think you have with earth stuff is not even so much that he's passed the ball too much to one guy, but they're not as good when he stolen the ball in there to that one guy that Gertz is a good tight in. But not the focus of your offense kind of good tied in. But if there is some sort of chasm on the team if there are people who are not on board with Carson Wentz. And they think he's a jerk once allusion to that obviously is just go on to win. But the other one is if you just got to put up with him because there is no other option than people will ultimately put up with him. Right. I won last year on ESPN radio. And that's just it. Like you're going to put up with them because he's going to be around. I understand personality differences..

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