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After a week of intense rhetorical volleys between president trump of the self described a squad of four democratic Congress women many are asking who can claim the political adventures George bonds on a president trump is clearly tagging the Democrats with what he calls the unacceptably far left positions and statements of the first year Congress woman I can't imagine they're going to do very well at the polls former presidential adviser and single talk caused doctors a bashing Gorka believe the president can claim to his advantage calling out what he sees as the anti semitism of Russia to to leave all the anti semitism of ill and ma well the racist comments of Diana Presley who said incredibly incredibly lost weekend we don't want any browned people who don't have brown voices at week's end the restoration daily presidential tracking poll shows president trump's approved with fifty percent compared with president Obama's forty four percent on a comparable day George ones on reporting breaking news at town hall dot com a Pennsylvania school district is warning that children could end up in foster care if their parents don't pay her overdue school lunch bill letters said recently in the Wyoming valley west school district have prompted complaints from parents and a stern rebuke from child welfare authorities the district says it's trying to collect more than twenty thousand dollars and that other methods to get parents to pay haven't been successful county officials say children will not be sent to foster care over their parents non payment district officials say they'll send out a less threatening letter next week John Scott reporting a drug makers has an email from a former employee telling is distributed to order more opioids even if they weren't needed is antithetical to the company stands in the email a former executive told the customer quote if you're low order more if you're okay order a little more on Wall Street Friday the Dow was down sixty points the nasdaq off sixty more details at town home dot com in nineteen fifty six his father escaped from prison and hungry when he was facing life in jail for fighting against communism in the Soviet invasion his mother escape at the same time they fled to the UK he learned from an early age how to fight the war against fascist communist and not the world expert in fighting terrorists why we fight joined the trump White House staff in twenty seventeen to twenty nineteen takes this battle to a national radio this is America first with bastion gore welcome to the new age so when historians look back they're going to see something very important to a place right here for today at the place and started taking place a number of years ago and it's something that nobody ever thought would happen.

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