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Let's about the democrats now a group of moderate democrats several of whom face relation this fallen states handily won by president trump join with republicans in voting sixty seven to thirty one to enact the first major rollback of the two thousand ten dodd frank financial overhaul law now also drives me crazy when they call them moderate democrats and i'm not trying to beat up on the la times here they had a good story i'm quoting them almost every major print organization as certainly everybody on tv does the same exact thing they call these democrats moderates but it's not a moderate position to be in favor of banking deregulation now if you showed me a poll from red states kansas montana south carolina alabama that said oh republican voters and independent voters love big banks or they even love mid size banks and they think my god will you just take the shackles off the poor bankers you show me that poll and i'll call him a moderate they're not moderate i know the polls i've seen them reported on a poll from kansas third district seventy seven percent say you have to get tougher on the banks regulate them more not less the mater position would be to regulate the banks not to deregulate them but whatever they agree with republicans democrats get be called moderates no they're being right wingers they're being corrupt but they are not being centrist because republicans voters don't like it any better than democratic voters that's why.

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