Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hitler discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Is the most admired man seventy one time since mining forty six and the sitting president has won fifty eight of those times but now uh dawn uh barack obama has won the poll with seventeen percent while trump is the only the second most the madman in america before so the headline says trump is america's second most ad hoc admat isn't that incredible i mean they just they basically a just been denouncing him for he's literally hitler he some literally literally literally hit la and yet is the second most hitler is the second most admired man in america according to this stupid wealthiest gallup poll more relevant and more interesting is the rasmusen poll which shows trump at forty six percent approval fifty three percent disapprove and so all these say all the media signed by you know he's underwater trump is just the most unpopular president ever he is a more people disapprove of him than approve of him at the exact same date in the obama presidency forty six percent approved of obama and fifty three percent disapproved than numbers are exactly the same the only difference is that trump unlike obama had to get to that forty six percent approval rating in the face of a media that was three times more negative towards him in this last year than they were two obama just five percent of the stories about trump have been positive and yet a year into their respective presidencies both trump and obama forty six percent approval rating so the president is resilience trump is resilient and i think that's actually a big lesson to these over managed fearful candidates who are always sangma one and dreadfully sorry i just miss spoke it just say what won't do what trump does say what you want treat what you want now basheer anyway you can be the nicest guy in the world you can he can win a he you'd walk on eggshells saying this saying that and they'll still damn you as racist sexist islamophobic transphobic all the rest of it might as well just do what trump says say what you want tweet what you want let the chips fall where they may and you'll still come out a year and your presidency with the exact same approval rating of forty six percent as barack obama had back when he was everyone is saying he walks on from the half.

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