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They're so his face is so expressive ended if something uncanny about it, a friend of mine said pointed out that it's sort of like rocket raccoon where it, but racket rocket raccoon is supposed to be like edgy. When know he's like, a cute raccoon. But then he has like a big old gun, and he's got a sassy mouth. But rockets is are not like unrealistic. He just looks like a raccoon who about him that metoo. So detective pique my so emo-. Yeah. I mean, look my my take when I saw it. I was at home. I screamed it was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Well after watching it a couple more times in seeing some stills and conditioning myself. I think it is. Okay. I just. I don't know about. It's not that. I think it's a first uglies fuck, but it's not that. I think the length of the for kind of bothers me I feel like if I were looking at this as a standalone with no context kind of cute it looks fuzzy right? Yeah. But I think like what I was picturing for a live action. Pika CHU is that it would be like a short hair like a really short hair cat or really short hair. Yeah. Like that. And then like, I just don't know why there's this thing. Now in media where like you just really got to be super descriptive with the irises. You know, I'm not into his is that much and it like freaks me out. They'd be very creepy. Or if they're all black though, like, that's the thing that I thought of where I was like if they were all black pools. I would hate it. Black fool, but like, you can still have it. So that you're not rendering his fucking irises with the power of a thousand. Unreal engines, I don't think you need. Joe also like the coloring and the way his furs made me immediately. Think of you know, when you win those like knock off peak. Choose at a carnival, those long hair like cheap things. That's what it looked like to me. I've never seen that. I creep. Wow. I think it's I just that win the detective at you makes expressions with its furrowed brow. It's weird mouth. I just see riled Ryan Reynolds peaking out at me from behind this peak at UMass eight that well, I think like my though. Oh, it's more. Like when he talked in the trailer. I just I'm sorry. I kept thinking of deadpool, and I'm like, this is just deadpool in a peak achieve suit it kind of. It was a little bit similar to. So it just reinforce just like just known as this feels right? I kind of get that feels like a tamer kid-friendly dead pool energy as this is just reedit for PG thirteen kind of feels that way. I do you dislike pool, by the way. No, I liked pool. Okay. Fine. No. I just wanted to like know that I felt like that fact is important. I thought it was fun. But I like deadpool enough, but a it's weird to me to see Disney. Make a movie that's supposed to be edgy. Because by definition, it's Disney and marvel and it's like, okay said pool. Sorry. Oh that makes it literally any big budget movie. Trying to be edgy feels like such a contradiction. Yes. So bringing trying to leverage that energy into detective pink cheese. We remembered the detective Pika chew not the move. But the game trailer where it was like that round smooth Pika chew. I felt that's what they were putting in the movie, and that's what I was expecting that guy. I like it too though, it does look like a little bit of Gumbel. He was very..

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