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Taking the time out to join us on the official podcasts. We really appreciate a team. Best of luck for the rest of the season. Thank you very much this race amount. And you're listening to chelsea. Mike up the official podcast of the blue the delightful young man. Chris you've been banging the drum. You always been telling me talk me down sometimes when we miss him sitters or hit the crossbar or there's a pinky tip that's offside you've been talking down. You're saying the goals are coming in bunches. I look at the calendar. It's an awfully good time for the goals. Start coming in bunches. how important. Obviously he's important and you want to score goals. That's how you win in the game. Not conceding and scoring chelsea have one of those parts of the equation down if the goal. Start coming in bunches for team over earners. Strap a rocket to this club. They're going straight to the moon. Tell me about the player where you see him going here. In the next few games as we close out this season and make a final push towards potentially double that work will always be there. And i thought he articulated incredibly. Well that i'm going to put in my work for this team. And i'm gonna do things that make us better no matter if i'm scoring goals or not but i do think that mental approach that he described of not thinking about scoring goals anymore and feeling settled and feeling in this team now. I think we'll put him in good stead to close the season really well and i think that he will eventually at some point. Find his goalscoring form because again as he said. I didn't just become a player. Who overnight forgot how to score goals this guy who in rb six twenty eight bundesliga goals. He didn't just forget how to do it. He's getting into better positions. You had a little bit of some tactical advice form in terms of asking him to cut inside his post. Go going far post. Put it on the wrong side could help set anyway. No for sure. And like i do think that as he gets accustomed. This league playing in seems he'll find even more of it. But i think thomas to cool is right on the verge of finding that breakthrough him as found a really good spot for him to play in this team in..

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