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2020 on w. T O P in President Trump's still Has Cove in 19. Joe Biden wants no part of next week's in person debate. Speaking to reporters in Hagerstown on the way back from a campaign event in Pennsylvania, the Democratic presidential nominee says they should not have the second contest. If Trump has the virus at that stage a Biden and Trump or set the debate a week from this Thursday, the commission on Presidential Debates announcing that transparent barriers would be separating the candidates and the moderator at tomorrow's vice presidential debate, and the candidates would be 12 FT. Apart instead of seven. The changes were made at the request. The Biden harriscampaign as Rick Caution against Cove in 19. But today, the Washington Post reporting, vice president Mike Pence does not want any dividers on his Side of the stage, the vice president's chief of staff, telling the post the barriers are not needed. But Harris is, in his words welcome this around herself with Plexi Glass. If that makes her feel more comfortable an explosive new report from Fox News that accuses Democrats are trying to distract from Hillary Clinton's private email server controversy four years ago. Director of National Intelligence, John Radcliffe, that declassified documents today that show former CIA director John Brennan briefs for President Obama on a Clinton plan to tie then candidate Donald Trump to Russia. The network reports it was a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server ahead of the 2016 election. Radcliffe declassify Brennan's hand written notes and a CIA memo, which reveal that referred the matter to the FBI for a potential investigation. The office of the D. N I transmitted documents of the House and Senate Intelligence committees. Today. A Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill, calls the accusations baseless. Well coming up after traffic and weather. Still some more talk about Cove in 19 at the White House, a member of the White House Karan Vise taskforce, talking with us about flattening the curve nationally and his concerns going forward this fall..

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