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I think anyone who suffered the loss of a child those that that. There's just a lot of times that let's family and friends and clergy people. We lost our daughter. That's the worst possible. Ospel thing that could have happened to us. Anything that has happened in the aftermath pales by comparison. We feel like they're at least two people on the face of this earth. No who did. And that is the killer and someone that that person may have confided them. Welcome to episode three of the killing of Jon Benet Ramsey the final suspects. I'm your host Daniel Roby last time we heard how twenty three years after the broken and abused body of six year. Old jonbenet Ramsey was discovered by her father in the basement of their Boulder Colorado home. The identity of her murder still baffles law enforcement officers bottomline. There's still a killer out there. It also how armed with a list of remaining suspects from lead detective loose-knit a new team of investigators. Journalists and private citizens are doing what the boulder older police department has yet to be able to put aside any agenda other than finding answers for the Ramseys it is this spreadsheet and a short list of ten suspects. Vex that is now forming the basis of our new investigation Dylan Howard Doug Lumbini Jamison and their team along with John and John. Andrew Ramsay are determined determined to pick up with detective. loose-knit could not finish it. Used to be what I'd wake up in the morning had to get up up quick because I lay in bed. Start thinking that was tough to start your day. That way better yet reminded. No I have pictures of Jon Benet and and Beth. My other daughter on my desk came sometimes. Look that makes both happy and said well you know for so long long. My father's born the brunt of working with the media and putting himself out there and he's gone to tremendous links that really to protect us kids to the we can have a semblance of normal life. I'm at the same time I've got a vested interest in this. I've got young children myself. My wife has been affected by this murder. And I want the truth. And that's why I'm I'm doing this. I don't have any aspirations beyond just getting to the truth and this is this is a means to an end. As I said we were naive pass. He came from a small town west. Virginia I was born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska. We thought the world was a nice place John Andrew along with sisters Elizabeth and Melinda lived with their mother in Atlanta. Their parents had divorced in nineteen seventy eight and John. John Married Patsy in nineteen. Eighty Burke Ramsey was born in one thousand nine hundred seven and Jon Benet three years later even after John and patsy moved to boulder all all the children remained close. This is John Andrew. My Dad's company merged with two others in the headquarters was in boulder her once Access graphics was sold to Lockheed Martin my dad was promoted to CEO President. In of course steph point made the move to full-time in boulder but coming from Atlanta Boulder was. It was kind of a novelty right until the story of. You've gone out there as a as a seventh grader Meena Buddy. We had our bikes. We could ride our bikes everywhere. I mean this was unthinkable in the sprawl of Atlanta. You walk the places. It was kind of this quaint small town so we thought we didn't pay attention to keep our doors lock. We thought we lived the Nice safe community in one of the things. Police asked me early on. Do you know anybody could have done this. I said I don't know anybody this evil. This is an evil horrible saying that human being into a child. I don't know anybody I've never met anybody. That said Evil John. John Andrew Remembers. Jon Benet some fourteen years his junior as a boisterous fun loving kid. I'm not GonNa say we were best buddies or anything but As I remember being really Tomboy I mean she this older brother Burke who had a bunch of you neighborhood buddies played baseball and whatever sports the day and she just Kinda hung out with them and I really saw her as as a tomboy be yes she was a sweet fun kit at the some of this has been trumped up and really portrayed as overwhelming personality but I guess I don't remember that and I think I there's just genuine this weekend one of the things that I regret big time obviously is that we didn't take our home security more seriously without Linden in a very peaceful AC- Harriet type of community. Our House had alarm system. Stay in the house. We bought it but it was one that put without this excruciating noise and the theory behind that type assists to was it drives you nuts and some as intruder. He just wants to get out of the house as his his ear. Drums are breaking. So we'd never used. Johnny said off one just punching buttons. It was horrible. She said it makes expires loud. That's the idea so we'd ever use it because it was horrible system but on the morning after Christmas nineteen ninety-six. Everything changed our plan that morning. That was get up early. Blind to Minneapolis meet John and my daughter Melinda and they go on up to northern Michigan for like a second Christmas with Miller kiss and then they were going to go back home. And we're going to take Johnny Burke on the Disney cruise so it was the day after Christmas and I had spent Christmas with but my sister Melinda in mother and if Lanna and after was flying to meet my dad passing family. We were GONNA go to Charlotte Michigan time. We'd at home but the plan was to meet any apple's so we were flying Minneapolis Got Off their plane and I can't remember someone handed me a note flight attendant or somebody they pulled me aside and said you need to call call home essentially pay phone and called my dad and he told me that Johnny Been Kidnapped and I think he I essentially we. Just this means that split-second decision why Denver that point after patsy discovered the ransom note claiming Jon Benet had been kidnapped. She called called nine one one. The police responded and so began the initial agonizing. Wait for the family well. I described the feeling to people. It's like when you're in a shopping center and you've got your small child with you and your rookie through clothing and look round gone. He had this desist. Hit My gut like my God. Where's bird or she go? Where did he go a star frantically looking and then you find him over in the next? I'll somewhere minutes later. I had that panic yet in the gut feeling all morning what do I what have I got to do to get her backed. It's cold out there. It's dark and I do whatever I'm capable of doing that we call the police immediately obvious to get her back. That was my the whole focus. What a helpless? I didn't know what to eat. Our can give blocked roads lead. Get pleased at the airport. I but the cops answer here. They know what they're doing. I I don't I don't should be done. But in retrospect they didn't have a clue what they're doing and I should'VE MM-HMM I should've I don't how would escalate it. But I should have called a friend of the governor's office. I should have done something to say. Look we got a major.

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