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The day or evening and a high near 82. Right now, 64. I mean the rocks is Kirk Mellish, 95.5 WSB and what's happening now? In the morning drive, we go back to Mark McKay always tricky in the work zone in Sandy Springs, as we learned earlier this week and a crash that wouldn't go away 400 South down below Abernathy Road Now Dut reporting a new one, and we're picking up delays on the triple team. Traffic alerts. Appleby flying there shortly. 5 75 in recovery mode out of Kansas. 75 eighty five hundred seven summers do well 75 his crowded leaving highway 1941. But that's a work son that you're trying to get through past Hartsfield Jackson Airport 25 Actually Fresca little bit crowded, leaving Lawrenceville Highway 29 on to 85 north, but the biggest crowds across the north side to 85 East and West headed toward Georgia 400. It looks like the cab police did find that crash 20 westbound, starting to see the slowing in from Evans Mill Traffic brought you by whole foods market. As we get old foods market all probiotic supplements or 25% off through May 4th while supplies last and prime member seven extra 10% off, Learn more on the whole foods market APP. Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB embellishes five day forecast coming up in the next five minutes. You could make some weekend plans hangout for that and coming up after a short break here the cruise industry when they may be able to restart And the reason the president Biden may be asked to stop taking communion. WSB news time is 7 43. I remember when my parents bought their first house, the house I grew up in and the guy on the gold jacket sold it to him. Hey,.

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