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AM your sleep. Right. Oh, biased. So you're a sleep. And I assume also you don't have a kid or anything like that. So you're totally asleep. And what how does does? Do you? Get a doorbell. Knock is buzzer. Somebody slide note under your door. What happens? Okay. So this is kind of Bergen to the story I live in a regular apartment. I live in loft that she's like a punk house tuition. It's a of a factory in a part of it is not really as a dental and nothing's able it's really hard to get him to building when I order food on seamless, you they don't know where it is. Like, I haven't come downstairs because even if they get inside, which they can't ZIM numbers in the wars or anything graffiti, everywhere and stuff, and so it's very odd that they found me within a day, and I won't king. Is it like are you are you? Is it like a squatter situation? I mean, do you not want to? Let's skip that. It's not it's a couple off law is this your allowed to live in studio, basically, New York until destroy this law in a year or two, but it's so the semi do you get your mail there? Yeah. Usually get stuff sent to wherever I'm working though because reliable because there's all sorts of crazy people running in and out all the time and males technically works, but just curious as to how did they track? How did they track you down? I don't know. This does raise a lot of questions about like the surveillance state and like cell phones and things like that. Because like not only do they vote. You know, where I lived to be there, which I'm not always there. I'm traveling around. I often don't sleep home. You know, I guess it'd be my own. But anyone say Expos, they also they also sort of just talked to I don't know like the the people that own the building or something. I mean, his record of meaning there it's the complete spot or anything, but it's on the rebel to pull it off that quickly. So they're knocking on their. They've got into the building somehow, and they're knocking on your apartment door loft door, and they just knock I mean, what do you like? What do people not on your door nine AM often is at the first time that's ever happened. People don't knock like doors thing like this is not having apartment where people are walking around. You know, ask each other for of sugar and stuff like that. I woke up, and you know, those loud banging on the door. And so I would not have answered it free. If I didn't think it was repair. I just waiting for this guy to show up and fix this week. I had a feeling I mean pipes leaking all the place frats everywhere. There's a window fell out of week before this. So I kind of just assumed in my groggy hung over state that oh repaired, you know. And I opened the door lo and behold for H eight they say department homeland security, I think we're a badge and from Little Rock you on like what has because what are they wearing? They tell me what they're wearing. I'm curious it with wearing those like Parker's that have like DHS on the back, or what did they have any? They're just wearing suits. Not suits just like kinda worke button downs and stuff like that. Nerds. All of that. Carry math Mandy patinkin on homeland professional gar. So casual Friday stuff. Yeah. Of course, the weekend for that too. On a Sunday cheeses, right? What day was it was it was it a Sunday? Sunday morning mile, Saturday, Sunday morning, the next day Well, at least. at least. Had the weekend. That's right tax dollars. At least. You should've known. It's not the repair guy because he never comes on time on us weekend. That's how they that's how they break out the assignment like like. All right. The actual guys you've got some families to destroy upstate the ones. You. Don't look intimidating at all go terrorizes comedian get off Twitter. Yeah. So well K so the four guys come in. And they just look dorky. They're dressed like the dad on some type of sitcom or like, right? And they said Kerry and many that worked. Well, so so what happens they do you invite him in? What what do you sit down at your table the table in your apartment? Yeah. So here's how this goes down..

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