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Sinatra's late once in a while. So we've that you would take an dig at that like stick around for Frank as in he'll be here. Right. And I would I would never I would never stick around for Frank. And and and making jokes to me because they're not here to see me. Are you not happy opening for Frank the next night bring Andriessen and I'm opening for LIZA in Reno. These this is this is what they put a bag over your head and applying it was a little it was a little you're going to take a few days, and they brought, you know, and it's like the first time I opened for. Frank. He forgot that. I was because he saw me with Sammy or something. Yeah. So when I showed up he looks at me, you know, he was out of it then, but he was still hitting it hard. And and he looks at Jillian egos. Wes, Tommy as I'm standing there treason. Yeah. And they would well he's going Campbell tonight. So who's this? Remember Franken Madame last night? This is Brad open. I last night. So was a little it was like the home life. So Driesen advance his opener before he was the main man. That's how it worked. You guys would rotate we would he would rotate people just go like one night you're opening for him. And then he made a call. And then you're open for LIZA still had the run of the. Yeah, he makes me, and I would rotate with those three. And it was you know, it was a blast. And what years this Got gotta to be? be a hundred eighty nine ninety everyone. I was with I would open for them. They would die. Okay. Gone. Awry dean was already gone. So I did Sinatra's last couple of weeks did Sammy's last couple of weeks. You know, LIZA we're waiting, but but it's like it was a joke Garrett with them, and they'll be dead. Yeah. Yeah. But that was the life, right? Joining and I loved and I came up on that music. I grew up on I record. My dad gave me was Sammy Davis live at the coconut grove. And with all the craziness. You know, my dad was my guy, you, know, course. And I just didn't know what was going on. And he wasn't diagnosed very late and he would like riding. Yeah. And he wouldn't stay on the meds. And God bless him. He was in and out of you know, places and it's hard. It's hard to see anyone go through that. But he was a funny guy, man. He was fucking quick funny. Did he live? He was around long enough to see you in Vegas and go out to Raymond. He came to the Raymone saw the vague opened for Franken. Sammy to him that was. Yeah. That was for him because you know, that was important. It was important and worth it. And just it just did he get to meet him. He did to meet him that it was really great. And then my mom. Tom year old man turned to mush it is right, really? And there's nothing like there's nothing. I know what it meant to him 'cause his childhood was fucked up. You know, his dad used to beat him up, and he ran away at fourteen and never went back to New York all the way to California with his best friend and just lived on the street and got a job at sixteen is a tough cat..

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