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I don't know, it's kind of fun to run it back, I guess. I don't know, I feel badly, because Jackie Bradley junior, like the defense is really slipped. So it's like the value is it's kind of dependent on him either looking a lot better in the field or the bat rallying in a way that I don't know, that's kind of. But they got some prospects and now hunter renfrow gets to be a brewer, so that's fine. Yeah, the Red Sox reunion I was even more interested and of course was the Red Sox brought back rich hill yet again. I think his fourth tour of duty with the Red Sox organization. So of course thrilled that Rachel will presumably still be in uniform at age 42 in his 18th major league season. And it will be a familiar uniform. So still going strong or strong enough. I mean, richel pitched almost a 160 innings in 2021, who said that coming. It's like you can almost win a young award with that number of innings. So he is still pretty effective when he pitches. So this is a one year $5 million deal. And the Red Sox also signed a favorite of yours. James Paxton. Yeah, they are supplementing their rotation with a couple of interred lefties. Yeah. Hopefully they will not be often true. And they've both been mostly effective when they are not injured, I guess would be exception of some of Paxton's most recent work. Yeah, it's interesting, I think that, you know, this year they were really bolstered by a rotation that was remarkably healthy. You know, obviously they didn't get sail back until later, but apart from that, their guys stayed healthy for a lot of the year. And some of them are guys with their own question marks in terms of health, right? And it's like they're trying to run that back with another set of oft injured but good when healthy. So I don't know, I'm gonna get like, it's not getting the same band back together again, but you're trying to play the hits. Once more, I don't know, I think that if that stuff works out for them, if those guys are able to stay healthy, if later into the year, when he's fully recovered from Tommy John, Paxton is able to pitch, like that's a nice boost going into the postseason assuming that he looks like the good version or some version of the good version of himself. But yeah, I don't know, it would be so cool if Rachel was amazing. That would be so cool if he was amazing for that. I was always amazing. There's no hypothetical there. He will be amazing. I don't know whether he'll pitch well, but yeah. People always be he'll always be himself, and that is amazing. Yes. All right, so hopefully you all savored the transactions while they were there because they're going to have to last year a while. You've squirreled away these signings for the winter and now we will go some period of time without any sightings or trades or anything, but we will have plenty of podcasts for.

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