Former FBI Agent Steve Gray: 'The Bureau Rules by Fear'


If I had been, I'm not a law enforcement officer, but if I had been one of the special agents, tasked to raid Roger Stone's home, an elderly man with a deaf wife, who was told to take a loaded M4 carbine, put on a body armor, hard plated vest at 6 a.m., bang on the door with a fast boat behind the building in the canal and FBI helicopters above the building. I hope I hope that I would have had the courage to give my supervisory special agent or the a sack or what have you. My badge and tell him, sir, here's my gun, here's my badge, this is wrong. This is a politically driven issue in the past you would have requested the bureau would have said to Roger Stone's lawyer, would your client please come into our field office tomorrow at 10 a.m. and not raid his house like he's a head of the Medellín drug cartel. Is that demand that I would make of myself, is that unreasonable and are you disappointed by the fact that we don't seem to see pushback in an overly politicized bureau today? That's absolutely correct. You have to understand the bureau. The bureau rules by fear within the organization. They rule with an iron fist and they rule with fear, meaning that they keep the agents in fear constantly of either losing their job or getting a high suspension. And the reason is is because they just tell, look, there's always somebody that can take your place. So there's a lot of that going on. And these guys have families. They have, you know, they have houses and mortgages that they have to pay for. But in that Roger Stone case, you're absolutely right. They should have, they would have normally just called him and said, we have a warrant for your arrest. Have your attorney bring you down to the FBI building. We'll come bring you through the back door. We'll process you. We'll take you over to the courthouse, and you'll probably be ROR and release your own recognizance that day, and he'd been back home probably by 3

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