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From npr and wb you are. I'm scott tong. And i'm tanya moseley. This is here. And now president biden had three words today for republicans intent on suing over his new vaccine mandate that would cover two thirds of american workers added and they probably will republican. Critics are calling the new rules which require businesses with over one workers to vaccinate or test their employees weekly unconstitutional and presidential overreach. nebraska governor. pete. Ricketts told fox news. He's looking at ways to push back. Just as this announcement came out the phones in my office were ringing off the hook with people who are just in shock about this and business owners are calling me telling me about how this is going to make it so hard for them to be able to run their businesses the amount of effort. Let's bring in our political roundtable eugene. Daniel's is white correspondent and playbook co author for political. How eugene guys doing great and chad pergram congressional correspondent for fox news chad. Thanks for having me. See if i can start with you. The president isn't just getting heat from conservatives which we will talk about some public health experts. Say that he actually should have done more such as required vaccines for airplane passengers. What's the president trying to thread the political needle period. Think no absolutely. I think something. That's really interesting is. We've been talking to health experts for months who've been wanting something like this for months from the biden administration and they'd held they have held off. They said they you know at times. They didn't feel like they had the legal justification for the legal power to do. So i'm i also think that politically it's one of those things that was going to be very popular in the backlash was going to be swift. But it's very clear that we the administration's got to a point as the president said yesterday is that their patients is just running thin with people who are unvaccinated and so all of the things that he outlined yesterday are set to make the. It's harder to live life in in operating society in america if you're unvaccinated i think it is the stick of the karen stick that we haven't seen so much this year. Yeah they're well. Our our patience is running thin. That part sounded like a lecture. A little bit. Chad a the president is surely knew he would get blowback over this from the right. He says he's willing to date controversial positions. How big a stand is this or a risk. Is this politically you. Think for the president. Well it's kind of something that the president had to do. He realizes that his presidency You know hinges on the success or failure of dealing with this pandemic and vis-a-vis the economy That's why some people said you know. look osha. is there to make a safe workplace. We were kind of surprised that he didn't get them more involved Long ago so that's one thing and the political blowback is natural on capitol hill especially from republicans therefore small government. They're not gonna like much of anything. The president has to start with but especially when it gets into this issue of government. Mandating things and i wanna come back to a term that we used to talk a lot about in the nineteen nineties unfunded mandates and when you Go that's what people are talking about that. You're making a business. Do something The argument of course could be made that. Maybe you're gonna make that business more successful because they'll have healthy employees and more people will be willing to come in and you know conduct commerce and so on and so forth but anytime republicans can portray democrats as big government. Mandates masks vaccine mandates. Anything they believe that is good politics with their base. Well let's listen to something that the president said last night. This is not about freedom for personal choice about protecting yourself and those around you. Ohio republican senate candidate. Jd vance is in buying that. It's what we're talking about now. He's calling for mass civil. Disobedience urging workers not to comply with the vaccine mandate udine are republicans managing to convert vaccine supporters into anti vaccine mandate voters. Think so at this rate in at this time in this pandemic it seems like we've kind of gotten to our corners right when it comes to you know the twenty five percent of americans who haven't even gotten one shot get. That is a group that is going to be difficult to convince to get that vaccine. That doesn't mean that they're all republicans. Right these are also some. I have some in my in my family. A black families south carolina who have not gone back so there are different pockets of an all over the country but what we know is that it is. This is people are very much. Have their minds made up about this. And that's why the administration is hoping that the private industry what did in announced yesterday. It's going to force people to want to get vaccinated because they're going to. They don't want to get fired for example where they don't want to continue to always have to tested and proof that they're they're they don't have cova. Nineteen so that aspect of it the political aspect of it who how people feel about it or are pretty much said right right. We're we're hearing from business. Groups like the business roundtable and the national association of manufacturers welcoming these new rules. But what are some of the unanswered questions about the the new rules today chad. What are some things that you're thinking about and some of the legal battles that might be out there. We you know something that some people here. On capitol hill flagged for me. They said you know. This doesn't apply to members of congress and their staffs you know is exempt from a lot of these things..

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