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But i've seen a lot of good come out because like i said we're all human beings and sometimes you know people don't always have the opportunities that we have. And if i can share some things with somebody vicariously or in person that will better their life they realized that and then they reciprocate in kind where there's to you or to somebody else down the road. And that's you know that's how you do. I have received believe it or not. I have received klan robes and neo nazi stuff and all kinds of stuff in the mail from people. I don't even know have never even met. You know they'll find the online and email me and said hey man. Yeah i i saw. I heard you on this podcast. That balk as or i saw some talk you did on on youtube in really got me thinking you know and i know you know you. I'm staying that you collect the stuff because you had you showed it on the podcast or whatever you know. would you like mine. And i read about a shia. Sure you know. Here's a po. Box and nixon. I know is there so it is effective. But like i said it's not gonna change everybody and i've had. I've had some violent incidents in time Those have happened few and far between fortunately but there are people out there like that. They don't want to see you. They don't wanna talk to you. You know you're like a cockroach crawling on the floor. Did not go into stop on you. No questions asked. Has that ever stopped you and your track. I'm also curious you know. They're particularly last summer during the the summer of uprising. I think that a wave can became more mainstream. Which is that particularly around. Police violence that it's not about a bad cop that there isn't a bad apple in an otherwise good crop of apples That there is a systemic problem. And as it pertains to policing that policing was founded as a means of oppressing slaves through chattel slavery and. I'm curious if you know your approach is the one to one approach. The one person at a time. Do you think that that is in opposition all to the notion that to address a systemic problem. You need a systemic solution. That's not the only answer. Okay understand systemic racism Police abuse or whatever what is behind the system a human being or human beings so in order to change the system. You gotta change the mentality of those working within that system who are promulgating the systemic. Whatever you know it's like The computer does not make a mistake. Is the man who programmed the computer to do it. The computer is just simply responding to what man has programmed into it i. The computer's not acting on his own since like the nineteen eighties and stuff A lot of white supremacist groups and and they're really doing it now. Even more so is they. They are getting their members to run for office Whether it's county commissioner sheriff school board you know The motor vehicle department. Get a job there that we we have access to people's addresses on license numbers and all that kind of stuff you know..

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