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There's a lot of others um i i thought i'd save you though and just play you a few of the highlights the one that i kind of them still scratching my head over is how the russians got into the dnc and we got some details here in donnas book and it's not by guessing john podesta's password perenally according to donna they got in to the dnc systems via the voice mail system voicemail specifically by plane a voicemail new how discord rim is his pot this on possible all to you hera all i'll play the clip you decide they can also use voicemail at the phone system is integrated with the computer network and the case of cozy bear voice purporting to be a female journalist left messages on dnc staff was phone asking for information on a story while the leszno was playing the message she was unknowingly except then mel wear so the plane of the message installed them our now the only way i could see that is if i may be the mpf is like an mp three two came in as an attachment and it somehow contained like up by buffer overflow that it when you will add that could affect the player like they knew what you're default player was going to be so they knew that it had a vulnerability that trying to think generously how you would get into a system sheath ince's once they play that voice mail they are able to collect it credentials on the login to their internet and have access to the rest of the network that part seems feasible timmy beginning in via voicemail about i don't quite understand what do you think.

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