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It's delicious. It's one of my favorite dishes. It's like a Korean meal, and and we had a couple of times a month. And if you haven't tried it, you really need to easy to make like steamed rice in the bottom, and there's some seasoned meat in it and some chopped up mushrooms and shaped carrots and chopped zucchini, half moons in it, and there's a sauce that goes on. It's the Lucious it's delay making bebop. Okay. And while I'm making the BBN bap. I'm streaming. I got my phone hooked up to the echo speaker there in the kitchen, and I'm listening to the great courses. Plus specifically, I'm listening to this lecture on dieting not because I'm dieting, but I'm trying to eat better. Dr Steven novella is on my speaker in the kitchen, and he's filling my brain with knowledge, and he's talking about stuff like vitamins and vitamin myths in what we think we know about vitamins, what's an antioxidant. That what is that? What do I need that is an all natural food automatically better for you. I learned a few things there the non science surrounding homeopathy, and magnets and microwaves. I I know somebody who will not microwave their food because they're afraid of getting cancer. I mean, there's no science behind this. But Dr Steven novella addresses, this kind of stuff in the great courses, plus lecture series, called medical myths. Lies and half truths. What we think we know may be hurting us, and it's pretty amazing to be able to stream lectures, like this one from the great courses. Plus while I'm doing other stuff of doing household chores..

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