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Do you know the names of the U.S. residents who then became the president and God of you from The White House and haven't used Washington was the first you see he once got down a cherry tree President number two would be done Adams and then number three Jefferson stayed up to write a declaration late at night so he and his wife had a great big fight and she made him sleep So many for the war of 1812 He's been rose colossal nose was bigger than the Nokia John Quincy Adams was number 6 at its Andrew Jackson's but he kicked so Jackson learns to play Paula takes next time He's the one that the country picks My name you're in number 8 for one term shot is chief of stage William Harrison how do you phrase that guy was dead in 30 days Tyler he like come to vote and after him came president focus every Taylor like to smoke his breath killed Friends whenever he spoke 1850 really in a female of the most in young and fierce west Franklin Pierce the man without a gin Follows next up periods feminine for long years with James Buchanan then that sounds dark shooting And we got a simple war Up to that comes old a blinking there's a guy who's really thinking that the United States I'm shrinking save the ship of state I'm sinking Andrew Johnson's next he had some fighting facts Congress each word impeachment And so the country now elapsed Ulysses Simpson grant who would screen and Raven On his hats It's 1877 and the Democrats would gloat but they're all amazed when Rutherford Hayes wins by just one vote James Garfield really hated kazi Four years later he was traded My growth back we've been really fatty like this why does it end up rather than Benjamin Harrison after that It's William McKinley at the back He Roosevelt charged up San Juan hill and president Tati got the bill in 1913 Woodrow away some taxes into one Adding next in lines Calvin clearly does fine and then mid 1920 on the market crashes and we find it's Herbert Hoover's big debut he gets the blame and loses to Franklin Roosevelt president who help us win in World War II Harry Truman with little human says good terms in when he's done It's Eisenhower who's got the power from 53 to 61 can candy hat Camelot then Lyndon Johnson took his spot through Richard Nixon He gets caught hand jailed for a meltdown a lot Jimmy Carter like campaign tips and Ronald Reagan speeches with all came from famous movie clips and president Bush said read my lips Now in Washington D.C. Let's demo pets in the GOP But the ones in charge are plain juicy The next president to lead the way well it just might be yourself one day Then the press will distort everything you say so jump in your pain and fire away a.

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